Editing old thread

I’m kinda feeling dumb for this…
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So, I can’t edit any of my comments and topics that’s older than 1 months (it should be around March and before). I can’t find the edit button anywhere on it (that pencil button).

However, I’ve updated my WIP and it’s bumped all the way to the top. So how am I supposed to tell people if I have made an update on the WIP? (besides creating new comments on the topic, ofc)
Did anyone encountered similar thing?

I can edit my topic older than one month

There’s a time limit for edits to posts, but you can ask a mod to turn your first post to wiki format so you can edit it after that time limit has passed.


I might get it wrong, but does turning it into a wiki format will turn the post into…
Somekind of integrated wikia post?

Or its analogue is just as simple as .doc vs .txt? Ah, what am I talking about.

It means that anyone can edit it, no matter how much time has passed.

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Ah, I see. Does your WIP also turned into wiki format?

No, just the first post – no one can change your WIP.

No one has ever abused a wiki post as far as I know. Anyone else know of any exceptions?


Regulars can edit the title too - so if you want to update but not edit anything you can always have a “regular” community member edit the title.

That is why you see dates on a lot of WiP - they tell you the last time they were updated and use the same link to DashingDon’s…

@Szaal is a regular so he/she can edit their own title currently.


It’s actually the content of the topic I’m referring :"

You also receive a notification if anyone edits a wiki post you’ve created (I made an open one once) so it’s not as though someone could alter it without you knowing. Though as @Havenstone says, I’ve never heard of anyone misusing a wiki post on this forum thus far.