Clarification about user level needed to edit first post in a WIP thread that we create

I’m so sorry if this question has already been asked before. I have looked at the thread about User Trust Levels (User Trust Levels), but did not find anything that specifically talked about at which user level we can edit our first post in a WIP thread without having to turn the first post into a wiki editable by anyone.

I know there exists an issue where some users are not able to edit the first post in their WIP thread, and I also know that currently, the only truly viable solution to this is to have the moderators turn it into a wiki post, which has the unfortunate disadvantage of being able to be edited by anyone over User Level 1.

What I am not clear of, is how it is decided which users are and aren’t able to edit their first posts. Does anyone know if it’s determined purely by User Level? For example, if I am User Level 2 (Member), would I be able to edit my WIP post? Or do we need to be at Level 3 (Regular)?

So yeah, could I get some clarification as to what user level/badges we need in order to be able to edit the first post in a WIP thread without having to turn it into a wiki? I’m asking because I would like to create a WIP thread sometime in the future, but I really do not wish to have to have my first post be turned into a wiki :cry:

I know this seems selfish, but I do have unresolved fears of my work getting edited/deleted from previous experiences :smiling_face_with_tear:


AFAIK, it’s not tied to trust level. The amount of time users are able to edit posts is determined by the forum’s Discourse (the software this forum uses) configuration. I don’t know what it’s set to here, but I believe out of the box it’s two months?

So after two months, posts aren’t editable by the poster unless they are a wiki post. Someone with access to the forum’s settings (i.e., COG staff) could set posts to remain editable forever, but that would be up to them to do.

Obviously, do what’s within your comfort level, but if it makes you feel better, unauthorized first post editing is exceptionally rare (to my knowledge) and not accepted.

Every edit is recorded by the forum, so as awful as malicious editing is, it’s also terribly ineffective; it takes but a second to undo and it’s obvious who did it.

If you click on the pencil icon on an edited post, you can quickly access the raw code for the post. Restoration is as simple as a copy-paste.

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Thank you so much for the response!

I knew that we could see all the edits ever made to a post, but somehow it didn’t cross my mind that if people other than yourself make edits to your post, the forum software would also keep track of the users who made changes… (:person_facepalming: I really should have thought of this lol, this is like basic software dev concerns)
That’s really neat then. I was mostly worried that if others make changes to a post, it would take me a while to notice and I have (most likely extremely unnecessary) fears that some people might attribute offensive/malicious edits to myself :joy:

This helped a lot and cleared my confusion, thanks!

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