Help, where'd my draft go?

So, for the last couple days I’ve been working on a post. A big post. I was working on it even yesterday, and it was saving all right. I autosaved it twice, even. I didn’t select cancel or delete or anything when I left.

Now. I wanted to work on that post today, but… the draft is gone. It won’t load when I open the thread. It certainly isn’t a problem with my computer or browser as it’s also gone on my tablet. Where is it? Where has it gone? Is there a way to get it back? I can’t seem to find any help elsewhere because I don’t know what forums these are, either.

These forums are discourse forums. The technical site is

I’m afraid that your draft is probably lost if you can’t find it.

Personally I don’t trust the forums draft save feature though. I think the previous forums drafts were a bit more stable. I will usually use notepad on my computer to type out and/or save longer posts since these forums have gobbled up my posts a few times.


FairyGodfeather is likely right. The forums seem to update at intervals and it has probably wiped your draft. (I’ve had it happen myself as well.) If you’re writing a long post that you’re not going to post right away, it’s a good idea to type it in wordpad or other offline wordprocessor then paste it in when ready.

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