What's the point of edits?

Can someone tell me what’s the point of editing or deleting the whole post if everyone can see the history of that post even after deletion?
I tend to extremely overthink and before posting I have to read something I wrote a lot repeatedly just to make sure I don’t make many edits after.

In most cases grammar errors. Then many times in the heat of the moment people write things they lament after cooling down so you edit it or erase it to no cause more problems further in time.


Clarifying or fixing things. Not hiding things.

I understand the desire for the latter, but the ability to say something and then hide it can ease harassment, as well as making it harder for people to tell what is and isn’t inappropriate discourse on the forum.

For what it’s worth, I’m an overthinker too (and punctilious about my own grammar/spelling, which is tough as advancing age seems to be afflicting me with creeping typo disease)… but I’ve just had to work to persuade my brain that no one’s going to judge me for making some edits.


Most of the time it’s realizing I’ve forgotten to say something.


I use edits to make the update log on my projects

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In my case, it is grammar errors. If I say something, I feel bad, and I usually prefer to apologise to change the post. But I think the fact of not hidden comment fixes is key to transparency and avoiding dramas

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mostly i forget something i wanted to say and edit to avoid double posting

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Mostly to correct the auto-correct from my phone, it keeps on switching words from english to German.

Autocorrect hates multilingualism. :joy: