Seeing ignored content


Some frequently flagged posts have a message by them that essentially says, this post is dubious, click here to view ignored content. However, doing so with my screen reader does not bring up the flagged post. Is there a global setting somewhere that doesn’t hide flagged posts?

Flagged posts are not supposed to be seen at all if hidden for moderation; only those pending would be seen in that way.

That might explain what is going on – if this doesn’t help, maybe an example would help.


Ah. I didn’t know that. I thought it was something more like Reddit’s system, where posts that were flagged as controversial were hidden but could be revealed. Thanks for explaining what was going on. The comments I saw that on most recently were removed entirely, so it seems like moderation pending was what was happening. Might be worth changing the messaging around that to clarify that, if that’s something you guys have control over.


We do not have control over that unfortunately, but I’m glad your question was answered!