Questions, Concerns and Discussion on Flagging Posts

Ah I get where you’re coming from.
The first one I admit was merely a response to a comment I found flippant and inciting, but I suppose my point was as eausily made without that personal opening.

The second one was more my attempt at keeping the humour light, although perhaps it was just a different way of me expressing my feelings in a negative way, and perhaps I subconsciously had less than humorous intentions.
And just as an aside, as I mentioned earlier I’m not perfect at conveying what I mean-- that is, that their assumption was and using the meme as a joke (and because calling someone a kid might be considered offensive, which I, as a kid, realise now.)

Although looking back I’d understand why it wasn’t the greatest opportunity for some light hearted humour:sweat_smile:

As a side note, I have read the forum rules (I swear, I’m pretty sure you even get an achievement! :smile: ) yet I was never sure on this-- can you flag comments purely because I don’t like them? I was considering flagging a comment above instead of replying, but I considered were I to flag I could be questioned why, and the fact I don’t like it doesn’t seem like a good argument (plus I’ve heard it’s not a good idea to get onto the bad side of the mods haha :wink:)

This topic is created to address a specific theme that is important on its own and to prevent derailing another thread.

Let me address the following:

If something in a post bothers you, for any reason related to forum rules or behavior, then you should flag it. Disliking a particular post and flagging it for that reason is different then flagging a post (or every post) of someone you dislike just because you dislike them.

Each moderator I’ve ever dealt with has been willing to listen to my concern, consider it and to reasonably keep me in the loop of any action taken as a result. Sometimes, a moderator may disagree with me but if that is the case, then I found them to be respectful of both me and my reasons for flagging a post in the first place.

I’m not sure what you had heard but I’ve had very good relations with the mods and consider most, if not all my friends and colleagues.

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Ah I get ya dood, I was just making fun, the mods and dictators glorious leaders of this forum are pretty cool people!

And thanks for the tip-- I wasn’t too sure how ‘violating’ a post or comment had to be before before I flag it and it isn’t seen as wasting a mod’ s time, and this helps clear stuff up.

I think it’s really important to err on the side of flagging if you are on the fence. There may be a few inevitable false positives, but it doesn’t hurt, and your gut feeling is probably telling you something. And, unless I am mistaken, it would take more than one flag–yours and someone else’s–to trigger any action.


Yeah I understand completely what you’re saying,

Also, however, I’ve been on the forum a while (so my info could be out of date) yet doesn’t flagging posts that others argue isn’t rule breaking often results in us being shadow banned from flagging or it counts against us or something?

And yeah erring on the side of flagging is good, I just can’t tell sometimes whether if it’s something I’ve said to attempt to smooth things over (assuming the thread is merely tense, not broken down into a screaming match)


There’s no such thing as being shadow-banned from flagging. Each flag is handled manually by a moderator. If you file a bunch of bogus flags, the worst that could happen is that moderators could start to become suspicious of your flags, developing a prejudice, but they’re still going to read your flags and make up their own minds.


Ah okay thanks for that-- no clue where I got that idea then :sweat_smile:

And I did think if that was true it wouldn’t fit in with COG’s whole theme. And huh, I could’ve sworn you guys had bots / automated scripts? If not, whoa that’s some spookily fast modding (the good type :wink:)

There is one exception to manual flagging. If a certain number of people flag a post (3?) it will be automatically temporarily hidden until a moderator can review it.


This is a question? (+20)

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