A question about flagging

Is it okay to flag a comment for spoilers? Obviously I don’t want people to get into trouble just for posting spoilers, but I really, REALLY don’t want my WIPs to have any unblurred spoilers. (And sometimes people do post visible spoilers, no matter how many times you remind people to blur them.)

I’m not really sure how flagging works. Like, would it be brought to the mods attention if a certain user was flagged too many times? Could flagging a person for spoilers potentially get them into trouble?

i think with spoilers it would be best to use the
‘i want to talk to this user’ option first?

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I’m pretty sure there’s no penalty to a user for being flagged too many times if the moderators haven’t found the recurring issue to be that serious, but someone feel free to correct me.

But re: specifically whether it would be appropriate to flag a comment for unblurred spoilers, if you click on the flag “this comment has unblurred spoilers” is in the same checkbox option as “off-topic”, so flagging for that reason is perfectly appropriate


Nah, I would just edit the post in question or tell them to. It would have to be repeated flagrant spoiling for purposes of messing with people for more to happen.


You can always just ask them to blur it, unless you mean you ‘really’ don’t want spoilers to be discussed. Even still, flagging them for that might be a bit much. Just let them know don’t discuss it on your thread and please remove post. That, in my opinion, seems fair

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Yeah, that’s fair, but sometimes this takes awhile. Like;

Me: Dude! Spoliers!!!
Guy: Whoops. Sorry.
Me: PLEASE blur the spoilers!
Guy: What do you mean?
Me: Make it so that people can’t see the spoilers unless they click on them.
Guy: How do I do that?
Me: Highlight the text that you want to blur. Click on the options button (it’s the little icon that looks like a cog) then click “Blur Spoiler”.
Guy: Okay, sorry, I’ll do that from now on.
Me: Good… But can you please blur the spoiler you already wrote?
Guy: How do I do that?
Me: Just edit your comment.
Guy: How do you do that?

All the time the spoiler’s there and visible for everyone to see. :yum:


What about those who keep asking “When the next update is”?
Me: “It ain’t allowed bro ham,”
Them: “Where is that written at?”
Me: sends the link of the commandments of COG “Thou shall not ask!”
So…yeah it’s almost the same as this.