There are Ninjas Flagging my Posts

It started small enough. I posted something full of expletives that was somewhat offensive. It was flagged. All though I had meant it to be funny, I could see how some people would be offended by it. I deleted the post.

Next day, two of my posts were flagged. One, although mentioning sex, was not particularly offensive compared to my other posts. I did jokingly call someone a plebeian, so I figured people flagged it because I had, although jokingly, insulted someone.

The other one was where I started to get confused. A post I made where I apologized for the very first post that got flagged was flagged. It had no dirty language whatsoever.

Now we come to the present. I posted something commenting on how another person’s post had been flagged. It was a sketch that was mildly offensive, and contained some fecal matter. I asked who had dared flag such a beautiful piece of art. And, I kid you not, two seconds later, my post was flagged.

Who were these people who managed to find my post and flag it in two seconds? I pondered it, and came to a shocking conclusion. It was Flagging Ninjas.

No one else could possibly find a post and flag it in the span of two seconds. They have come to clean the community of what they consider the “filth” of the Choice of Games forums. Well I will not stand for this! This epidemic needs to stop! They are censoring us! We do not live in North Korea, nor do we live under the control of an oppressive dictatorship!

I demand answers! I DEMAND JUSTICE!

ok but in all seriousness idk what’s going on


Haha, lol. I’ve got to admit, you’ve got a humorous mind. I love the weird and funny, memes and post around the forums. But it also seems that your posts are not exactly appreciated. There are young teens on this forum such as me. The minimal age is 14 i think, so i do not think that posting sexual comments really, well it just shouldn’t be done.

Personally i think you should stop commenting of such matters, they are disturbing to me at least. But the small potty jokes are always welcome with me.

once again it is nothing personal and you seem like a hilarious person.

Yeah, but other than that one post about whether I could post about adult stuff in off topic, I’ve kept the adult talk to my thread about my adults only WIP game. And most of the adult talk is necessary to discuss the game. I just wanted to make that clear.

And although I respect a person’s right to flag stuff they find inappropriate, my real question is how one of my posts got flagged in less than two seconds. I’m pretty sure that’s impossible.

I’m so sorry in advance, but the timing is too perfect not to…

In all seriousness though, it might be a glitch. But I’m quite sure you can hash it out with a Mod or Admin (they’re quite open) and they should be able to help “unflag” undeserving posts.


I was a little irritated at being called a “plebeian who didn’t get it” after I’d tried to give you reasonable feedback. I didn’t flag the post, though. I am guessing that someone on the forums (a speed reader?) really doesn’t like you, either for the tone of some of your posts, or some of your attitudes that don’t completely match the local forum culture. I don’t think I’ll be looking at your game again, but I hope you figure out how to balance self-expression with not ruffling as many feathers. Like I said, I did think your game (and your sense of humor) were fun at times.



Ah my bad then. And i have no idea on how it got flagged so quickly, your better off with your conspiracy theories. :stuck_out_tongue:

Make all the peasants pay!

I came so close to flagging your topic post here, just because you were complaining about it…


I also thought about it. For fun.

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Would you not be somewhat peeved as well were this to happen to you, for (what you may perceive (just as the OP might’ve)) as no real good reason. I (personally) don’t see complaining about something as a bad thing, it’s a form of feedback (somewhat negative as it may be) and (from my perspective at least) should not warrant being flagged or thoroughly censored. (And please do forgive me if you were joking, my apologies for not understanding if that is the case)

I just recommend that you just choose your words more wisely. This is the internet, body language is not visible thus it is harder to interpret ones tone. You comment about a plebeian (still have no idea what it means) seems to have offended (rightfully? I don’t know what it means so I don’t anyone mad at me :confounded: ) @Sashira even though it was a joke to you.

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For the record, @PervMasterL sent me an apology and we’re cool now. :smile:

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Oh, ok no madness at eachother yah!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t see it as a bad thing either. If there’s one thing to learn about me, it’s that I am humor oriented

I had half a mind as such, you have my apologies for my earlier (now quite certainly revealed to be) needless blathering.

    Well, to be honest…

    1. That crudely drawn picture in the Post a Drawing of Yourself! thread (you know, the one with the poo in it.) is pretty vulgar. I mean, besides the poo, there’s the “Fack You!” logo on the T-Shirt and what appears to a Face Full of Alien Wing Wong dangling beneath the T-shirt.

    The picture you posted of yourself, I liked.
    But get that other shit out of my face. It’s not funny.

    2. Your post, concerning the flagged post of the crude art, was unnecessary.

    As for the apology that got flagged, I believe you stated something along the lines that your apologies came from the “bottom of the black pit where my heart is supposed to be.”
    For the record, I thought it was funny, but I see how other people may raise an eyebrow to your response. Many people expect apologies to be sincere without any strings attached; by saying you have no heart, you are implying that you are “heartless,” and, quite frankly, don’t give a shit.

    Personally, I think you are hilarious. There’s a certain anarchist charm about you, and I welcome the change of pace. But, don’t let that charm alienate you from the other members of this forum.
    I was raised in a community where my friends and I talked smack to each other on a regular basis, but our words had no weight to them; instead, our words affirmed our closeness to each other, that we could josh each other without taking these taunts to heart.
    As a result, I am numb to most insults, and I know when ridicule is meant only to amuse, not to harm. But, other people may take your words seriously; indeed, being called a “plebian” for not understanding your point of view can understandably cause tension among a good amount of folk.

    If I haven’t said it before, you are welcome here.
    You’ve not passed the point of no return, so dust yourself off and get back in on the action. :smile:

I think your mistaken the forum member has been around since October 19 he or she is not a troll.

My mistake, but my point stands.

I have edited my post accordingly.

She/He never made any inappropiate content in the post regarding the image, never linked to it or anything. No one is being forced to click the image to see it

Could just be for continuity. If something gets deleted, replies to it don’t make sense any more. Flagging doesn’t mean automatic deletion (at least, it shouldn’t….)