My topics are being moderated?

Just wondering I seem to be getting odd messages about my topics needing to be moderator approved? Have I done something wrong or is this a new discourse thing?

Edit: Ok odd, this one didn’t have this. Is it topics that contain links that get moderated?

I believe it may be because they need to see if this goes against the rules. I’m not sure but many people break the rules, its no surprise that they need to double check.

EDIT: this reply wasn’t edited either

Yep maybe. It wasn’t replies, only topics with links in them it seems :slight_smile:

I think it’s only when you try to post a new topic in general?

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There’s no particular reason your posts would be moderated. Perhaps it was just a thing with that link you recently posted.

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You probably flagged your own topic somehow.
Like this, probably?

Nah, it was before it was posted so I swear I’m not flagging my own posts lol.
I think maybe it was just the link :slight_smile:

It happened to me once i flagged my own post. But dunno if there is other reasons. I am probably the only person here clumsy enough to flagging herself lol


I’m tired enough I wouldn’t put it past myself to have tapped somewhere I shouldn’t have except it isn’t actually possible for me to have done it. If it said I’d flagged my own post it would have been a glitch in the system since I hadn’t actually posted it yet. (It was as I hit post it said my post needed to be approved before appearing on the forum. Anyway, all good. Looks like it was either random or had something to do with the link I put up :slight_smile:


I turned on approval for any #general topic a while ago because a lot of “General” topics are junk, or need to go somewhere else, which is what I think you’re talking about.