List of moderators?

I’m looking to reopen my wip, but it’s been a while since I’ve been around so the topic autolocked. I know you’re supposed to contact a moderator when that happens, but uh… it seems like it’s been QUITE a while since I’ve posted regularly here. The only mods I could think to look up don’t seem to be active anymore.

I’m assuming making this post will bring my needs to a current moderator’s attention, but just so I can avoid making a topic like this, is there a list of current moderators anywhere that I could use to look them up?

Thanks in advance!

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Check out the FAQ. There’s a link there that will take you to everyone on Discourse who has the mod badge.



Actually I do have a question about that as well. If you need to reopen a WIP topic, is it ok to use @ moderators, or do you need to look up who is around and specifically ask someone? I’m not sure which is the better one to do? (Annoy a specific mod or notify everyone but it lets whoever wants to pick up the request do so.)


I believe going (at)moderators is fine.
I even did it once, and got a chance to talk about whether should I reopen my old WIP topic or can I create a new one with two kindly mods.

Heck, I believe you guys also got notified of it? Unless the notification got buried, somehow.

Nope didn’t happen as far as I’m aware.

Actually, I think it’s preferable to pick a couple and tag them direcrly. “AT” moderators tags every single one of us, including the CoG staff, who often have other things to be doing. Even with that aside it means 9/10 of the tagged members end up clicking the notification and reading the post only to find someone else already solved it.

I’m not saying don’t use the moderators tag, but if you do know a couple of active moderator names, using them is somewhat preferable.