I gotta talk to a moderator

I think I would be a great moderator lately I haven’t been on because my Cpu broke but I found my kindle fire so I can come on now being a moderator really appeals to.me and I have a good sense of right and wrong so please send me a reply because I really wanna help but I cant be because when I write stuff to them it just comes back to me and they never answer please can someone help me

Oi… Man I just sound so desperate now dont I… I just want reapora or jason to know that I really want to be a moderator because these games are some of my favorites and i want to help with stuff but how exactly can I do that just as a member? I cant now can I? If jason or Reapora sees this Please take it into consideration or reply in some way. Thank you
PS. I will most likely be more active then most of the mods >.> I have lots of free time

It’s possible that they don’t need any more moderators. Best not to worry about it. Besides, if you really sound desperate to be one, it make it seem like your intentions are questionable.

It does doesnt it. Now I feel like people are going to be angry at me :frowning: Just wanted to help out…I like helping… :frowning:

@Talon5505 You don’t need to be a moderator to help out. Be on the lookout for people with questions that you can answer, and answer them as helpfully as possible.

Or wait for beta-testing

Ik I just feel m talents are best used helping moderators :frowning: But I guess Ill try it tigras

@Talon5505, of course you can help. At least 99% of the help on these sites is given by non-mods. And that’s not (just) because the mods are short of free time. :slight_smile: It’s because virtually all of the help people need can be delivered without editing, closing, or deleting anyone’s posts… or even gently reminding people to be nice to each other.

If more fights were breaking out all over the forums, then there might be a need for more mods. As it is, though, we’re a mostly friendly, helpful community… with an apparently bottomless appetite for off-topic role-playing. (Let me know if anyone needs a mod over on the RPG threads, because I’m not even trying to keep up).

And it turns out I am the apperant King of Role Playing.

Lots of non-moderators seem to be doing a moderators job of “keeping the peace”, I believe one or two of them became moderators by doing this, so if you want to be a moderator, don’t give up hope.

i am just curious how do you guys become mods? not that i want to it looks too… hard i guess not letting anyone break the rules, and sometimes you have to be harsh on some people :frowning:

@akatsuki9344 There are already four demagogues ruling this hive with an iron fist, and for the moment the hoi oligoi are not recruiting. When they need fresh blood, the method of being indoctrinated into their ranks will become apparent.

??? what…

and can you give me their names i actually need to talk to a mod for a different reason

As the old quote at Gamefaqs goes, if you need to ask about being a mod you’re probably not the type of person we want as a mod…

But worry not, I’m sure the site owners have been keeping an eye on those whom seem to have a level head for discussion on the forums and will pick those who are deemed worthy when they feel the need to expand the mod roster. =)


JimD, Reaperoa, Havenstone and jasonstevanhill are the mods.

If you are a mod i will left the page in that moment.
You are fast in juzdge, bad tempered and power hunger to be a moderator.
Its like someone thinking in make me a moderator! I will be a horrible moderator too. Sorry talon. But someone who call people spam or insult the bad writing of someone who try to learn english no deserve be a moderator.

@Drazen – love it. “Hoi oligoi” indeed.

@MaraJade, I know Talon’s written things that have upset you, but that’s no reason for a personal attack.

Sorry @Havenstone thats the reason i cant be moderator i have a real bad temper too.
No trying to attack him at first but my manners go lost so my appologies talon