Do You Need Help


i have seen that there are groups being made and it would be nice to join one, and sometimes you have to take a break from your game as it gets boring if you do too much and the writing potential goes away and the writing turns horrible so it would be nice to work on 2 games. So if anyone needs help i am happy to help as helping them would also help me


Me i need urgent help i dont have pc so i have to code in my game in a phone i even post my game before time to see if someone want to help but nobody wants


ok so you want me to code for you?


No ever need that i code only need help to publish run autotest and grammar nothing more
Edit well maybe a little help with code im new in that … But only tips i want to learn


OK that isn’t really fun but i guess it would be quick so i won’t mind doing so. but i still need a real group in which i can write something, but i will do it for you


Dont do if you really dont want. I help you if you do your own group


no it would be nice to know some people here and being nice to them is the best way to have them be nice to you


so i would help you, well i will try my best


If you need anything I think im pretty decent at coding if you need anything feel free to ask and Im kinda decent with Html too.


Its also funny running into you again today xD


Pm if you really want people usually say yes and no keep his word so only pm if you REALLY go help


OK so if 2Ton can help you i guess you won’t need my help i wasn’t sure i would even help you for a long time as i do have to complete the demo for my own game.


@akatsuki9344 how good can you code?


i can code pretty good i know how to make websites but it is pretty boring so i don’t think i can do coding well it would be nice to do coding and writing but mostly writing


well i have a group and are coder irule left again (ugh) but you could help write to if you want


well OK i will do coding and writing though i might not have lots of time but will have a fair amount of time. So what is your games name?



i have played it before it would be nice if there was a hunter choice like if you can get to be a hunter it would be sick


OK count me in


k hold on


OK i will be back tomorrow i have to sleep, its 3:00 at night here right now