Topic Changes?

I recently made a game with choicescript and made a discussion with the topic “Game Development” but it was soon turned to “Other Interactive Fiction”, any information about why this happened is helpful. A bug, prehaps? Or a moderator?

Probably a moderator? But not me, and @Reaperoa always PMs you if he edits you for any reason.

Maybe it was a bug and it read “Game Development” as “Other Interactive Fiction”? Possibly because of lag?

I’ve been wondering, how do you become a Mod?
No one tells me how.

There was a discussion entitled “Post here and become a Mod!”

You’re joking

No, really, it was made a few weeks after the forum started up.

Ok, I saw it

And actually, it said to Email Jason about becoming one…Which I did, just now

The discussion is closed, no more Moderators are being accepted anymore. I was just a site-roamer then.

Son of a Bitch!!!

Wait, me or just in general? o_o

Erm…we’re getting a smidge off-topic guys.

In general
But, @Havenstone joined in 2011 and wasn’t made a moderator till may 9 so ha!

Wasn’t this off topic to begin with

*cough* No.


@Zed: if you don’t ever lose your cool, and if you’re seen to be keeping forum discussions friendly, reasonable, and calm, especially when they touch on sensitive issues… who knows? The Moderator Fairy may tap you with a sparkly wand one day and turn you into a beautiful, shimmering Moderator. That’s more or less what happened to me.

@Daisuke, if no one else 'fessed up, I’d assume it’s a weird bug, possibly caused by lag as you say. I’ll keep an eye out to see if anyone else reports anything similar. Thanks for letting us know…

Being a moderator would be pretty cool, but what exactly can the moderator do?

They keep the peace, make sure no one is posting thing that can be hurtful. They ensure the peace on all the fronts, maybe a tap on the shoulder to remind you there are others in the room. To shutting down posts that are causing undue harm to the group. Thier job is important in a growing group such as ours.