Forum Topic Title Changes


I don’t seem to be able to edit the title of a topic for my game (Was making edits to it as I went along for updates). Do you get locked out of this option after a set amount of time? Or is my computer having a bit of a glitch tonight? (Couldn’t find the answer on a forum search).


I believe there is a time limit yes but do not remember what it is. If you list the thread link and the name you would like it changed there are a few us around here that can help change it.


Thanks for that! It’s probably ok, it was just a way to update things in the thread easily. Hopefully getting towards wrapping the script up anyway in the near future. If I really need the title changed for some reason though I’ll let the mods know :smile:


It’s more than mods that can change the forum post titles. Those with Level 3 privileges can do it too, so you can probably just post on the thread and someone will do it.


Ok,didn’t know that. Thanks @FairyGodfeather :slight_smile: