Which story would interest you more?

To beginn i had no idea where to post it, i apolgize for any circumstances i caused, also english is not my native tounge, so there might be mistakes as well, again sorry :sweat_smile:
As the title says i cannot decide what story i should beginn with, so i would like to ask for your oppinion.

  1. I have a working title for that “The divine Thrones”: 50 centuries ago, when the universe was created 6 thrones appeared each of then is being held by a god presiding over one of the 6 elements: fire, water, earth, air, dusk and ether, those divine 6 created the world in an joint effort. After that a 7th throne appeared, the gods knew that they who ascend the throne will rule over the universe, so a war has ben declared to decide the most powerful god to sit upon the heavenly Throne, this has been the war of creation, though all 6 gods lost to the war to the 7th entity, the conductor of time (this is basically the background of it). the story will take place 50 centuries after the war of creation.
    Edit: you are a human living in a small human village, pretty normal, huh? But 5 years ago a treveling mercanary, who is actually the same age as you, arrived at your village, many of the villagers didn’t like them, because the do have some issues with elves. But their oppinion quickly changed, after the mercanary defended the village on their own against some bandits, ever since then the mercanary stayed in the village and your farther even took them in. The mercanary, as you will find out is quite a good story teller. To show their graditute the mercanary helps out where they could, even on the fields. This peace does not last long, for the war of creation shall beginn anew and you find yourself dragged into it.
    I am planing 2 endings
    1.1. You claim one throne yourself, not the 7th (yor chosen RO will be negated though)
    1.2. You do not claim a throne
  2. I have currently no titel for it: you and your friend got caught up in an accident, your friend only because they tried to protect you, still your wounds were more severe and you have been told that your survival was a mirracle, the doctors have also given up all hope for you, but you survived somehow, your friend not, no one knows why, according to the doctors their wounds where not bad enough to die, 2 years later you are still unable to let the past go and decide to find out why they died, any means necesseary.
    Edit: You will meet various characters, from mythology e.g siegfried the dragonslayer, also gods, which are ascociated with the deceased, gamble with death to release a soul and enter the realm of the dead itself, to get your friend back. The 4 planed endings will be left as a surprise

I will take a look at the results after my exam in the middle of february.

  • The divine thrones it is!
  • I rather read the second one…
  • They are both rubbish!

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I’d need more info on both… but they show promise.

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@Redthegamr if i might ask what kind of info would that be? an overall of the system, possible RO?

I’d really just like to hear more about each story. I read the summaries but aside from those, that’s all I have to go on, so I’m witholding judgement since I think both can be good if fleshed out . :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m going to echo the above and say that I don’t have enough to go on to make a good judgment! :slight_smile: The premise of the Divine Thrones seems very interesting, but I would like to know what the actual story of the game would be. Would we be the seventh god? A random person chosen by the gods? What would be our purpose/what would the story be 50 centuries later, where the game actually takes place?

The second story seems to have more of a stated purpose at the moment, but I don’t know if it grants enough “choice” to the reader. The mystery element is intriguing but I don’t know enough to form an opinion yet!

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I’ve never really seen the point of interest checks. Follow whichever seems more fun.

I have updated the outline, i hope it helps
@anon49824592 it might be true what you say but i simply can not decide, i like both

I’ve always had fascination with god games. So I voted for the first one. But the second one was not that bad either

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I have updated the original post with intel about the throne of time aka the heavenly throne

This one’s tricky. I think I liked the background of the first story better, but I really liked the premise of the second one. Basically, it’s great when your story has a really detailed background and origin, but the story that follows has to be even better. :grin:


I voted on the first option,the story seems very interesting but the second one is just as good, whichever you decide will certainly be received with a lot of praise! :heart: :heart:

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Alrighty, time to script!
thank you all for your encouragment, i shall beginn with “The divine Thrones” and for those who liked the other one more do not worry it will follow once i finished the first one, i expect to be done withe the prologue within the next 7 to 10 days

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Both seems exciting, im looking forward for your WIP thread and the demo :heart_eyes:

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@needs-to-be-loved @Ritter @Avery_Moore @BreezyGames @rinari
I have now the prologue ready:


You know if you removed the Gods and such and had it be trying to solve the accident / coming to terms with it. Could be interesting

my apologies but could you please rephrase it? i have dificulties to understand the syntax

There was an accidental that you survived but your friends did not. Will you spend your life screaming “Conspiracy!” And try to solve it or come to terms that accidents can happen.

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oh you meant the second one, i thaught you meant the first one.
the intenton was that you make this journey to find the cause of dead and get your friend back, but coming to terms with it sounds like a good idea, a 4th ending thank you for this suggestion, though the gods of death will stay maybe i will just use one

So Final Destination the CYOA Game?

eh what does that mean?