Which of these ideas do you prefer? [PLEASE HELP!]

Wow, I’m blown away by the amount of feedback, thanks everyone ^^’
The only problem now is I think I’m more torn between them all than I already was, you’ve all got some pretty good points and some very good ideas!

@Zed I do really appreciate the offer but it isn’t a field I believe I’ll be requiring much assistance in :slight_smile:

@DeathsColdEmbrace @P_Tigras @Raven @Shoelip
The Roman one isn’t as generic as it sounds, but it’d probably be a lot more linear than the rest. I am tempted to go down this route, as I believe it’d be the easiest to structure. Taking on something really complicated for my first c/s game is probably not the brightest idea.

@P_Tigras @noogai
The comparison of the Orc one to Overlord is giving me an insane amount of insanely awesome, insanity breeding ideas. :3

That would most definitely be a viable option and a very awesome one at that…

I’m wondering whether to just make a small demo of all five, or a small selection and see how they all play out? It’s time consuming but I fear the more ideas we get on the table the less sure I am of which one I want to pursue! D:

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice B-)

Make one for Choice #2, and thanks for spelling my name right this time.


choose the game that interests you the most.

An alternate option would be combine a couple of the ideas.

For example players start as the centurian following their life until their death (maybe the fall of the Roman empire). Then they assume the role of the assassin that takes place later (choices as the Roman affect the world the assassin lives in).

yea that’s an interesting idea

Or you could do the first option NOW (like I want), and then when you feel more comfortable do one of the others. Its not like they’re going anywhere

@Nocturnal_Stillness @CJW

Normal Roman soldier wouldn’t be able to become a silent assassin. Wearing quite a heavy armor, swinging a sword and getting the army drill all the time… You just can’t go all stealthy after that kind of life. CJW (if he chooses to) can merge #1 and #2, but then it has to be something like father-son theme. Father who would be a roman soldier gets killed in an ambush. Son being furious about his father’s death, would seek revenge on the enemy army/cult/big evil guy, and thus join an order of assassins and… You get the idea i think.

The other possibility would be to make it a bit like the Assassin’s Creed games, but without the animus, DNA memory and that kind of stuff. Something like a history of a certain family. First part could take place in roman era. Our protagonist would be a regular soldier, but with time he would advance his position. The second part could be situated in Napoleonic times. Wars are raging, and our new hero joins the clan of assassins to either help, or prevent winning a war or anything else. Later on even Siri’s choice could be placed at the end. Something like Fallout world. I don’t know if anyone remember the Andale city from Fallout 3, but that is what I’m going to. Very closed community and thing like that. If you don’t know the story of it, here is the link: http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Andale .

My only advice is that you should try make some worldbuilding for each of the games, with characters, enviroment, mechanics and the different facets needed to create a game. Then, when you have brainstormed more on the different ideas, see which appeals the most / feels the best to start with.

If you already have done that and still am utterly torn, count how many supporters there is of each idea, and take the one with most supporters. My personal philosophy is that when faced with the “real” choice: which do i begin with, you will feel what you want the most.

Personally i find number 2 pretty interesting, but all 5 have potential to be good stories.


my suggestion wasn’t for the Roman to become the assassin.

It was the player plays as the Roman until they die then the player plays as the assassin a few years later in a world that changes depending on your choices as the Roman ie who is in power, who the assassins are after etc

My excuses. Your point wasn’t clear enough for me. But that’s basically what my first possible solution was. It still would be a really demanding task to complete.


True combining them and making the world believable would be very demanding.

I do think your suggestion of the game following a certain family over the centuries would be interesting.

I like the idea. Your a soldier in the (input country here) army, and as you go up the ranks your choices affect the world around you, what cities fall and what side wins. Maybe even have a romance. Then you die in some epic battle. 4 years later our point of view switches to a boy/girl living on the streets (your kid maybe?). Assasin cult comes into the story, and you can have all different types of people to kill and places to go depending on the soldiers choices. Like maybe your killing one of your fathers enemies or his best friend. Perhaps the war is still going on and you can choose to either finish what your father, the great general blah blah blah started, or destroy the empire he lived to protect. You can go hundreds of different ways with that story. I like it!!! B-)

I’d rather prefer the original concept of 2 where it was more about the assassin as a person than about controlling the course of history.

Just because you get to live in the world created by the wars of a soldier, that doesn’t mean that the assassin part has to be about creating the history. It can just specify why the things are happening one way, and not an other. You can still write a story full of action about wars, soldiers and so on. And then the second part, that would be more serious and deep with many moral choices.

Well thank you VERY much everyone, I definitely have more of an idea where can head now and know I can count on support from this wonderful community; whatever my choice.

I’ve decided to make a game about choosing what game to make. Lol.

No in all seriousness, I think I’ll just start writing and see where it takes me.

“If blocked your path right is, take not that which lies to the left, for the right path it is not”

Does that mean “Don’t take the path of least resistance”?


In a sense yes, it means if the path you planned to take is blocked, don’t opt for another. Unblock it/face your problems and fears, don’t run from them :slight_smile:

Hm. I want to pick up this pan but it’s too hot. Maybe I should get an oven mitt… NO! I must face my fear of third degree burns! Hm, ok, well I guess this doesn’t work for everything.

…Dude that’s like saying “The pen isn’t mightier than the sword because it cut mine in half”


That comparison makes no sense.