Which of these ideas do you prefer? [PLEASE HELP!]

@CJW, sounds to me like you should go with 5 for now, if that’s what excites you most. But don’t lose Siri’s Choice entirely. :slight_smile:

Go with 2, think about combining 1,3, and 5 into one game with different chapters showing different points of view

Well, persoally #1 sounds the most up my alley, BUT as no one else has it first I’ll say I’m also very interested in #2

@CJW, if you need help with dialogue or a script (a regular script, not choicescript dont know how 2 use it) I can help you out with it.

Hmm, I cant seem to decide between 2,4, or 5.

The reason I avoided one is that it feels too similar to other more generic video games about being a badass soldier who kills tons of people. Regular video games are great for that kind of thing, but when I look at choice games I tend to want something a bit deeper.

i like 4

@CJW, I am offended tht u misspelled my name in ur response 2 my 2nd post!
PS message me i can help u with dialogue or if u want an honest opinion when u make some demos

@Zed You know, I’m sure that offer would seem much more appealing if your posts didn’t generally have terrible spelling and grammar. :stuck_out_tongue:

hey man i can actually spell very well and my grammar is very good, I’m the type of person who think about the dialogue and what they say. Plus, i typically try to keep my posts as short as possible for those who don’t want to exert the effort to read what i write!!

Also can you please respond to my comment in Shintaro’s conversation about what you liked and disliked in the Heroes Rise Beta.

choose your response wisely, kind sir, for if you insult me once again i will be forced to stop supporting your 80s slasher game and challenge you to a duel of WORDS!

Choice one…i love the roman idea

I quite like 2 and 4, although 4 sounds like it could be difficult to pull off.

YAYYYY Its us against the world @DeathsColdEmbrace

@Zed Please for the love of science use the edit button! Also you didn’t make a comment about what I liked, you made a comment about what you didn’t like.

Lol @Raven

I can’t be the only one longing for a game where you play as a towering pumped up green berserker who will sit on his enemies until they die for comedic value?
And on top on that there will be cheesy humor so you can giggle like a moron, what’s not to like? :stuck_out_tongue:

@CJW I personally like #1 just as much as I do #5, so I certainly won’t argue against it if you choose to go that route.

@CJW @Polonium @Zed I -loved- Overlord! I could definitely get into something along those lines with Orcs as minions. So I’m on board for #3 now as well.

I think Siri’s choice would be interesting. Though personally the assassin one would be awesome especially if you can infiltrate the target’s base sneak past every guard kill him by pinning him to the wall with a sword I ‘borrowed’ from a guard and escape leaving the impression one of the guards killed him.