Which of these games should I make?


I have been trying to write a few different games for a few years now, on and off, always quitting after the game becomes boring to me. I just decided now that it might be helpful if I had people who were excited about the game (or at least the idea of it) to help me commit. After all, I wouldn’t want to be upsetting anyone. Anyway, here are some (very) basic ideas for games that either I have started and would revamp or I have entertained the idea of starting, in no particular order:

You and You: You wake up one morning to find another person in your room with you. This person looks like you, sounds like you, has all the same memories as you, and claims to be you. You can try to cooperate with this other “you” or compete.

Exotico Extravaganza: You start working at the last remaining sideshow on Earth. I’m not sure if you will be able to be able to choose if you are and exhibit or not, and if you can be part of an act, if you can choose what makes you a part of it. The plot would mostly involve becoming a bigger part of the show and the community of people who comprise it, as well as exploring your feelings on being part of this group.

Servitude: You are enslaved on the estate of a warlord, with the opportunity to better yourself and live a life within the confines of your situation. There would be choices on the direction of your life, such as pursuing power, morality, or love to name a few, and your outlook.

Tournament TV: So I’ve come up with a few different basic ideas for this one, but the one I’m liking most right now is a reality show where teams live together in a closed-off environment and compete for a cash prize in events similar to those on game shows. (There would be no voting off, but teams could get eliminated) This would focus on puzzles and team dynamics.

Summit 75: You are an ambassador to a UN-like body on an Earth-like planet. There will be chances to shape world relations, and thus the entire world.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to get a feel for what people would most like to see and then I’ll know which one to work on.


servitude ;:wink: =P~


Summit 75 or servitude




servitude sounds interesting


Any of those are good but I’m leaning more toward Summit 75.


Servitude!!! and I just posted like three new things in lke 10 mins


Out of these, and having to choose I say Servitude.


Looks like Servitude is winning out so far, I’ll give it a few more days to see if any of the other options overtake it before I start working on it in earnest.


Servitude sounds awesome


I like servitude the best


Summit 75


To be honest all of these sound very interesting. You and You and Summit 75 sounds the best to me though.


You and You, or Tournament.


Summit 75 sounds good


Exotico Extravaganza, just because it wasn’t picked by anyone. But other than that, You and You is the one I’d vote for.




Unless there is a huge shift in voting trends, it looks like I’m going to be working on Servitude as soon as tomorow.


I think you nee to be more clear on it I’m guessing most people saw warlord and vote for it


? I read them all, servitude sounds the most fun!