Help me decide what to focus on!

Okay so I have been writing ChoiceScript games for almost a year now, but I never finish them because I always get interrupted by real life, and then when I return to the game I was working on, I don’t feel it anymore. So now I have folders and folders of games that I’ve gotten pretty far on (some are tens of thousands of lines long), and a big case of indecision. I want to choose one of my old ones to go back to but I can’t decide so that’s where you wonderful people come in. I’ve chosen the best/most complete games, and written little descriptions of them. If you could, read through them and tell me which ones you think I should continue working on first.

  1. Anarch - Multi-Genre - This game is the most ambitious one I have. The player is a former bouncer for a night club in a huge urban fantasy setting who gets mixed up in a huge conspiracy that, generically enough, threatens the whole world. Also included are several smaller questlines, romances, and even several stupid TV stations the player can watch. The format of this one is not really standard CoG, as the plot is entirely player directed and non-linear, based instead on hubs and smaller ‘quests’.

  2. Gilgamesh Does America - Comedy - The player is a college student who accidentally frees the ancient Sumerian king from the prison the gods placed him in, and must help him assemble a device so that he may enter the underworld to rescue his best friend Enkidu. Unfortunately for him, the goddess Ishtar is still pissed that he turned her down years ago, and won’t let him succeed so easily. The player’s role in all this is as a ‘guide’ to modern culture. The gameplay here is a lot more like a standard CoG.

  3. To Live and Die in Santa Monica - Drama/Romance - The player is a Japanese/Pakistani teenager living in Santa Monica, a suburb of Los Angeles. Everything is just peachy until the player accidentally stumbles upon their father kissing a woman who is not his wife. From there the player is thrust into an intense story dealing with all sorts of topics, from family and honesty, to race relations and teenage life. The gameplay here is similar to Telltale’s various adventure games, minus the puzzles. All the emphasis is on the player’s choices, and not on stats or anything else.

  4. Sunshine - Fantasy - The player is a citizen of the city of Eredon, located within the hugely authoritarian Jethanine nation. Centuries ago, the city was shrouded in a torrential rain that blocked out the sun and has not ceased to this day. A giant dome was created to protect the city, both from the rain, and the monsters that have come to lurk in the dark beyond the walls. When a monster more massive than has ever been seen before appears, the player is conscripted into a small group of adventurers tasked with finding an ancient artifact said to have the ability to create sunlight. The only problem? It’s located far outside the walls. Gameplay is again, more like a standard CoG.

Oh, and all of them have several in depth romances because that’s my thing!

ALRIGHT HOPEFULLY you guys dig at least one of these ideas. Please let me know what you do and do not like, and if you have any suggestions, I am willing to listen!

Thanks for all your responses so far! Two 1, Two 2, One 3, Three 4.

@WulfyK I hadn’t heard of Attack on Titan when I wrote it initially, but having watched the series recently, it is rather similar. The game was more inspired by horror movies like Alien, and the other anime Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. Still, I will change it up a bit if I work on it again. I don’t want to infringe on anything.


I like number 2. I mean comedy is always good right?

They all sound great. I’d say 2 or 4, then work up to Anarch if you feel like it.

I like 1 and 3.
Comedy doesn’t really seem to work for these kind of games (by which I mean that I personally find them very unsatisfactory) and we already have so many fantasy WIPs.

I vote for Anarch.

BTW, was Sunshine inspired by Attack on Titan or are the similarities just a coincidence?


I’d love to play any of these. But if I had to pick one, I’d say 1 (I’d be really interested to play a more non-linear CS game), with 2 in second place (because it sounds pretty funny!).

Please write them all. :slight_smile:

But since you’ve gotta start somewhere, and Neighbourhood Necromancer has provided my (black) comedy fix, I vote 3, or 1 if it’s not too ambitious…

Would like all but to start 4.

I like the idea of 2 and 4 as well I’m also a sucker for romance!

@SpaceLesbian, I vote for 2 because I enjoy humorous adventures and 3 because there seems to be the opportunity for some honest and insightful dialogue with real substance there.

I also love the idea of number 3 as well

Being a big fantasy guy, I’m most interested in 1 and 4, but they all have pretty damn fine premises.

I love all of your premises, but I’d say 1 would be the most interesting to play, with 4 in second place.