Which games are completely free on google play

looking for more games that are free with optional pay to remove adds for google play

also is there a way to contact google play about past purches on another acct that i no longer have acess to


From memory: (Some I haven’t played for a while and can’t 100% remember)
Choice of the vampire
Choice of the dragon
Choice of broadsides
Twin flames
Tomb of the khan
Elemental Saga
Swamp Castle
Doomsday on demand
Gambling with eternity
Vampire house
Sons of the cherry
Dead Already
What happened last night
Dilemma (I think)
Land of the 3 classes (I think)
Popcorn soda murder (I think)
Burn(t) (I think)
The ascot
Founders Saga
Factions raids of the divided.
Daily Blackmail,
The Race
Part one (only) of Choice of romance.
Spaced out

My day off work.
The Great Tournament.
Starship Adventures

No idea about the google account. No way to recover it? (Usually you can get password resets to alternate email accounts or phone numbers). Have to do a google search or contact them directly.


the email used to get it reset is no longer active
and phone number is forgotten along with date acct was made

Then there’s no way. Unless you kept a printed or screenshotted version of the receipt, you’ll have to make another account and pay for everything again.


Can confirm that The Ascot is free on Google Play, although it’ll periodically bug out and make you lose all of your achievements.

‘The Great Tournament,’ ‘The Daily Blackmail,’ and ‘Spaced Out’ are also free on Google Play. So is the first installment (sadly, only the first) of Choice of Romance.

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The Race is also completely free (apart from remove ads).

You can follow the Steam and Uplay official account, sometimes they will release free games to promote.

Actually, they are completely free. There’s just a timer before you can play again, although that can actually be bypassed by restarting the game just before the ending screen.


Oh my bad, when I checked it, it said play once free, so I always assumed it could only be played once without being bought.

Looking at the list, that’s actually a pretty sizable library of freebies :slight_smile:

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as a rule, free google play games are boring or have a lot of advertising banners…however, there are several names that I like.

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The great tournament
Doomsday on demand
Vampire house
Swamp castle
Elemental saga

From the top of my mind They are free and good.