Add free games to library?

I’ve paid through the app to remove ads from several free-to-play games, and I’ve found that they don’t show up in my library afterwards. Is there a reason for this?

That might be a question best asked to support AT choiceofgames DOT com.

I was just wondering if anyone else has had the same issue.

Hi Aletheia,

As I said when you wrote into support, we don’t know why this is happening, but we’re looking into fixing it in the future. We’re a very small team, so we can’t always get fixes out for things like this right away, unfortunately. As @Gower said, writing into support with these things is generally the best way to get them addressed, even if we can’t do it immediately, and the forum is unlikely to have more information about bugs than we do.

Which games is this affecting, other than Choice of the Dragon? If it’s happening to some free games but not others, that could be useful information in helping us figure out the cause.


In addition to Choice of the Dragon, it’s also happening in the Hosted Games app with Paranoia and Sons of the Cherry.

When it happened with Dragon, I assumed it was a glitch or something I did wrong, but when it happened to Paranoia and SotC, I thought maybe it was an issue with all the free games. That’s why I brought it up in the forum, to see if anyone else had noticed the same thing or if it was a known issue and I was just out of the loop.

Those are the only three free games I’ve paid to remove ads from so far in either CoG or HG. (The Heart’s Choice app doesn’t have this problem.) There are other free games in which the ads were automatically removed with the purchase of later chapters or bonus content, and these do show up in my library.

And I do know you’re a small busy team, which is why I didn’t want to bother you with it at all if it was a known issue on the forums, or at least gather as much information as I could here before contacting you again. I do appreciate how helpful you’ve been so far.