Problems with Android ads?

We’ve received a number of complaints from players about the ads in our Android app, e.g.

Broken ads I can't even tell if the game is worth buying because this ameristar ad keeps blocking my whole screen.

This would have been a five star But when you try to play the ads get in the way and do not have a close on them and it’s every time I close and reopen the app the ad pops back up this is infuriating, and I’m a loyal choice of games customer. Like I’ve said up top this would have been a five star

Full page adds The ads would cover the screen without a way to minimize them.

I can’t seem to reproduce problems like this on my Android phone. Are any of you having trouble with the ads in this game? Or in Choice of the Dragon for Android?

In Dragon all its ok, but in Nola demo I get one big car video announcement that covers all page, but the rest of the demo didn’t appear more than that

@poison_mara What happens when the car video announcement is finished? Are you then able to play the demo?

Yes i close the video and demo continues normally and no more videos appear if you need any info about my android version i could post it.

Anybody else?

Yeah I was able to close the ads too.

I was also able to close the ads in NOLA on a Galaxy S3 with Android version 4.1 (if that helps at all).