Mysterious bug in Dragon for iOS

A number of people have reported a bug in Dragon for iOS, where the ad can completely cover the Next button, even if you scroll all the way to the bottom. The screen “bounces back” making it hard to click Next.

Has anyone here ever seen this bug? If so, I’d appreciate some suggestions on how to reproduce it.

Here’s some stuff I’ve tried, and you might try, too.

  • Force quit the app. Press the home button, then double-press the home button. On iOS 7 you can find the Dragon app and flick it away to force quit the app; on iOS 6 you can press and hold the Dragon icon, then tap the red “-” sign to force quit Dragon.
  • Turn Airplane Mode on and off, so the ads can’t load until the moment you want them to load.
  • On iPhone/iPod, try going back to the main menu and tapping “Play.” It seems like it might involve pressing Play at precisely the wrong moment…?