what is a choice script game? (somewhat vent)

Wow that’s a lotta questions. I recommend using the search function as a lot of your questions have already been discussed elsewhere and then come back and ask specific questions if still needing more clarity :slight_smile:

As for your inventory question. There’s quite a few ways of going about this. If you just need a list, you can make one similar to what I’ve shown below and put it in the stat menu. The *if statements hide anything the player doesn’t still have in their inventory (just make sure to change the state from “yes” to something else like “no” or “lost” etc to hide it again.) But it’s not the only way.

If you want to say “arm” a weapon out of what is availabile, you can use another variable for example: `

What weapon do you want have ready in your hand?
    *selectable_if (bow = "yes") #My bow
      You select the bow.
      *set armedweapon "bow" 
      *goto next

    *selectable_if (sword = "yes") #My sword
      You select the sword.
      *set armedweapon "sword"
      *goto next

*label next

You enter the dark forest ${armedweapon} at the ready in case of trouble.

When you’re learning choicescript I highly recommend building a shorter simpler game to start with. Will it be a best seller? No. But you’ll learn a lot and be more likely to finish it and get less frustrated than struggling with something that’s 300k long and tracking a tonne of variables. You don’t even have to release it through HG if you don’t want to. If you want to have a look, I have a number of mini games that are generally too short for HG that I’ve put on itch. (Although remember you can’t sell or ask for donations for games on itch without a contract with COG to do so which probably isn’t worth it for small games written for fun.) https://jaciaa.itch.io/

There is more info in other posts and the linked wiki also. CS is not designed well for sound effects. If you want that to be a major part of your game I recommend learning twine instead.

Very broad question with too many answers to count. If you have a specific issue, posting the problem on the boards will usually bring someone to help.

That’s a question only you can answer. You have to decide if you want to write something you will be happy with, or something that will be popular if the two don’t match up. Popular CSGs usually have several “needs” that have to be included to hit the popular generas, styles and tropes. Recommend doing a search on the forum as many topics on this. Also bear in mind writing a super long, fantasy game full of romantic options, using a branch and return format and a blank slate MC won’t guarantee popularity, so personally I think particularly as a first game you need to write something you will be happy with in order not to get really discouraged.

Just a reminder if you want to publish with HG you’ll likely need your parents on board.

Otherwise many games on itch.io are free.
Delight games app I think still has a free version.
IfComp archives has years worth of games in various platforms from choicescript to parser.
Search “free” on the HG/COG/HC omnibus
The majority of WIP games on this forum.

This list although a few more free games have been released since it was made.

See point 4

Through HG? A potential audience and the possibility of some revenue. $250 is not an overly high goal. Many games will earn that although nothing is certain as it depends on how well the game is received and if it’s released as ad supported or paid. Personally as a first game I wouldn’t make monetization your primary priority. If you enjoy making it, then any income from it becomes a bonus. It is extremely hard to make a full time living out of writing CSGs and only a couple of authors seem to be managing it (and they’re the top level popular ones with large followings on site like patreon), if you need the money foremost, it’s more reliable and you’re likely to earn more getting a part time job instead (age allowing.)