New to Choicescripts, any tips and tricks?

I know vague programming rules, but I wanted to try Choicescript. I don’t think it will be hard to learn so don’t worry about the basics, but I wanted to create a thread to accumulate and tips and tricks that would save me time and frustration. Like something you wish someone had told you before you started?

If this topic has already been made (I did a quick search and only found tutorials on the basics) then I apologize… I’m sort of new to the forum as well :sweat_smile:


I think studying other’s code is very helpful, especially if you’re reading a game and wondering how the author’s mechanics work in order to do x and y. On dashingdon, if you type /scenes at the end of the link in the search bar, you’ll find all the files for that game and can read through the code :))

Using the choice script wiki is always a good idea, and then of course just writing your own code and experimenting! A lot of people on here are very helpful, so if you come across a bug you can’t fix, asking the forum is always a good way to learn more


That’s awesome advice! I never thought of looking at other people’s code, always assumed that was an unspoken violation into a writer’s psyche or something, but that’s me not reading social etiquette. Either way, I will take advantage of that “hack” and do just that.

I appreciate the eagerness to help, makes me glad to finally start to be more active in the forum. If I do come across a bug of sorts, I’ll readily throw myself into topics to help me out. Once again, thank you for replying! :blush:

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Ofc! You’ll find a lot of other people have the same questions as you, so don’t hold back

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Hah! Nah, I think most of us don’t mind it, it’s good to learn!

Thinking on this makes me want to go through the code of a few of my favorites to see how they approached variables. I’m pretty haphazardous about stats for the MC, if I didn’t have *comments for them I’d easily get lost lmao.

I would say that is an important thing:

  1. Don’t be afraid to make liberal use of the *comment function, I think it is very useful, particularly for things you need to reference or for things that you want to add. This is something coders learn very early in fundamental courses, if you don’t have any comments on your stat pages you will end up forgetting what some of them do lol.
  2. Multireplace is an incredible tool, very useful for giving more depth without writing too much for each variation.
  3. Place importance on organization of code early and you will thank yourself in the long run.

Other than that? I donno, hope it helps!


It does help a great deal! I always valued organisation so I am happy for the heads up and the reminder to do that in coding as well. Will save me tons of headaches in the future…

Regarding Multireplace is also a great help, considering I tend to lose myself in branches and wanted to limit myself in how much time I spent in non-linear story rather than a linear story. Thank you for the tips! Will keep all of these in mind on my next “playground”.

Coming from other coding experiences, I bow to the gods of *comments because they have helped me so much :grin: