Choicescript Tutorials?


What would you want to see in a choicescript tutorial?


Um, exactly the same things as the one on


Off the top of my head-
A definition of all the commands would be nice, as well as where to use them. I know you can find them on the wikia, but a quick place to reference wouldn’t hurt, rather than havibg to hunt diwb stuff you’re not sure you’re even looking for.

How to set up stats on both the startup and choicescript_stats files.

How to set names and Gender, as well as the different way to go about doing this.

Maybe even go a bit over how to change font, background color, the next button even, for those who like something different. Ive only learned to do this a bit myself a few days ago.

Though, I think its a safe bet to put in the kind of stuff thats asked the most, like with the stats, name, and gender.

EDIT: I just saw what I believe you are working on and that you have a name/gender tutorial. Oops. So. Just, I guess, ignore most of this post.


@Lackofmops Heh! Well you’ve clearly already got your tutorial. :slight_smile:


Okay, stats is next then. Stats in startup, and the stats file, and how you can use them in a story.

I think there’s an explanation of how to do that stuff on the wiki.

And heh, yeah I did do a tutorial on names, gender and relationships.

Thanks very much for your input. I definitely won’t ignore your post. It was helpful


i think how to add your game to dropbox would be important as most people don’t understand it and its pretty hard to find on wiki (if it is there)


@Prototype I have added it under common questions thanks.


@Oh Cool, there will be less useless discussions now :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe how to test code? And the different ways to do it? Cause I’m apparently backwards enough that I figured out how to do it through the command prompt rather than using the quickest file that come with the download first.


The bare minimum exalmple needed to run a game. A Hello World program.


@Lucid what program language is not complete with out a Hello World. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hello World…?
Oh, the irony (but don’t ask!).

It’s a good idea though, very simple, very easy and strangely rewarding.


I have added a Hello World


I hate to be all picky and that, but if it’s a tutorial, I think it’s important to advocate good practice and:

*goto begin

*label begin

is completely redundant, in this case? Either that, or the tutorial is proving difficult for me to follow.

To me it looks like you’ve got two documents mixed into one, there’s something about creating a name variable and printing the output. I think that should be a separate tutorial.

‘Hello World’ tutorials teach you how to print data in variables, nothing more, nothing less. If you throw *input_text and *create in there too I think it’ll just prove confusing to newcomers.


@CJW I have always labeled my section out of habit, as often I have to go back and add code or make changes. Simple method for me to track, but I can see your point. It maybe redundant yet it does not hurt.

*Edit so missed the bottom half of your message hate this phone sometimes.

I think what I have is very simple and straight forward. No one should get confused. I am not a coder, so followed the format of most Hello Worlds I have come across.

Of course I am open to more feedback. If I see people do find this confussing or have problems I will remove it.


It does seems @CJW is correct to the state of my tutorial. I will remove the link from the main page until I get a chance to rewrite it tonight. I have to admit my featers were ruffled lol. I thought I was beyound that point in my writing, yet sometimes we think it’s gold and are upset by someone pointing out it is only merely brass. Thank you CJW for point these things out. :slight_smile:


I had a few more minutes before I had to roll so now have it changed.
Enjoy :slight_smile:


I guess it’s down to opinion but I would say a pointless label can hurt, why? Because that’s a tutorial, it’ll confuse people, why does he have a label there? Does he need one there? Yeah, he must do - he wrote the tutorial (knows what he’s talking about) etc. etc.

Can you see where that would lead? A tutorial is used as an example, this may sound harsh, but it needs to be as good, clear and concise as it can be. The better the tutorials the better people will learn CS and the better games they’ll make.

(In my opinion) you should use comments to self-‘label’ sections of code.

Just to clarify: I’m not saying I could do better (or I’d provide my own tutorial), I just think people need to understand (and keep in mind) that bad tutorials, help and advice can have the potential to be very detrimental to the subject that they try to teach or discuss.


@CJW You points were valid, I just had to get over myself lol. And with your help was able to provide a decent littlte segment. So thank you.


First, I’d make the program an actual program, instead of a mess of labyrinthine files, then go from there.