Need help in codes :(


I have been needing a lot help lately. Sorry guys for the inconvenience and also thanks to the ones who are helping me. You guys are great :slight_smile: I’m just asking how to put an option in choices where it will be available if you have this certain stat/requirement satisfied or thing in your inventory. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Funny you should ask, currently working on an inventory system my self. If you do a search here on the forum you will find a few good threads that talk about it. If you should not find what you need we here on the forum are happy to answer questions you may also want to search


It’s simple enough. You just need to add *if for a basic edition. For example

*if (banana = true)
    *goto banana

You can list those on their own. Or to add an extra condition.

*if (banana = true)
    *goto banana
*elseif (apple = true)
    *goto apple
    *goto lemon

You can also set multiple conditions using AND or OR. For example

*if (banana = true) and (apple = true)  # Fruitsalad
            *goto fruitsalad


thank you guys. I just click the link by the way and it helped me. Really great. thanks :smiley:


No problem, always happy to help when I can.