Help in making my game :(


hi guys, can you help me? I am not new to choice script and i have played their games before that’s why i know some basic codes. Right now I’m making my own game but I don’t know how will i put an inventory, and add allies, pets and familiars from the stat_chart? can somebody,please, help me. Thank you…


Try the wiki.

There’s a basic inventory system somewhere in there.
For al other things try


Aaaand bookmarked.

Thanks @Cecilia_Rosewood!


thank you very much guys :slight_smile:


may i ask again, can i put an object with a name compose of two words for example magical staff. Will i just put in the inventory magical staff or not? Or do i need to put it by magical_staff


Objects, or any other thing between " " should be able to contain spaces for as far as I’m aware of.
Why don’t you just try it and see if it works? Figuring out code is basically just trying things until they do what you want them to do.