Inventory help!

Maybe someone here can help me figure this out.

I am setting up an inventory system, and am having problems with inventory consisting of two or more words. I can get it to work using underscores, but then on the stat page it pops up with underscores separating and that is kind of ugly. I have tried several methods but can’t seem to get around the issue.

(Before people ask “why haven’t you used the search button to figure this out?” Yes…Yes I have. I have looked all over the forum, the Wika page, and a few other sources before posting this. So please don’t patronize me.)

Anyway, just trying to make my stat page look nice!

I don’t use choicescript, but I’m pretty sure that you need to use string variables for this.

Here’s a forum post I found through a quick search of “string variable” and that seems to explain how you add words with spaces in a string variable.

Hope it helps!

Thanks, I have already seen this. I even read through the wiki page. Still not understanding what I need to change.

Try pasting a code snippet here, to illustrate your problem. Maybe someone will be able to identify the problem in your code.

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If the snippet is small enough, posting your code is always a good start^.

So, do you mean you just want it to display however you’ve written it? Have a look at this link below, hopefully this answers what you were trying to achieve. If not that post, read the one under it.

Inventory Code Help

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On the startup page

*create Magical_Aura false

On the stat page

*temp ability “”
*temp comma false
*if (Magical_Aura)
*set ability &“Magical_Aura”
*set comma true
Ability: ${Ability}

I can get this to work with underscores, but I would like to make this two words. Not sure where to go from here. Been at it for a while.

Thanks a bunch!! You are my hero :blush:

No worries, I have that one book marked myself. It’s a good reference :smile:

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