I have just started using this script and I am plodding along ok.
But I decided to include inventory. I found the tutorial on it but, to be honest, it looks like it does more than I need.

Is there an easy way to have an item added and removed from the inventory list in the stats page that does not requires millions of lines of script?
I seriously only want the item to either be there or not and to add/remove much like the increase/decrease of values in stats but it makes the item appear/ disappear from the list?

simplest way is set the item true or false

 # Use potion blue
  *set p_blue false
 *goto inven

*label inven
*if (p_blue)
 One potion of Blue
 *goto somewhere
*goto somewhere

Of course if you have more then one of the same item will take a little more code. Hope this helps.

What sort of game are you making?

lordirisdas - thanks. I will use that :slight_smile:

Doctor - I am doing my first game so the fight is with the code right now. But the story is told from the perspective of a goblin on the run. If people like it I will keep writing it. If not I will do another kind of story

Happy to help when ever I can :slight_smile: