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Hello everyone,

I’m new to this, just downloaded the CSIDE and following the intro

now I’m trying to build my first CSG, but then something comes to my mind:
what most users find CSG worth their time and money?

  1. long and impressive details of everything a.k.a tell-a-tall-tale?
  2. what users can actually do in the game, a.k.a the gameplay?

to be honest, I’ve only tried swamp castle by hosted games because its totally free, and I’m more like a choice-person than a story-person, I prefer meaningful choices that shape the characters so users can fantasize the effect of choices in their own mind, rather than telling everything happened in details on pages and the choices is ‘Yes’ or ‘Yes please’, more into emotional and less logical / progressive choices.

a CSG that is more like a game loop than a storytelling, is this acceptable or will violate the purpose of CSG itself?

any kind of reply will be appreciated, thanks in advance

If you’ve only read swamp castle, I’d strongly recommend reading more games to get a feel for how choicescript can work. Here’s a list of some: Which games are completely free on google play

There’s multiple threads around about what has a greater chance of making a game successful. I’d recommend a search of the forum to pull up some of the threads. In the end though, you can do what ever you want in HG as long as it meets the minimum requirements (30k+, passes the auto testers, nothing offensive are the main ones.) If you’re not sure how your game will be received, write a demo and ask people to read it and give you their thoughts. It’s hard to say either way how your game will be received without at least a demo.


very well, I’ll finish the demo and let everyone give their feedback about it.

thank you

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I also suggest posting your concept in the Interest Check Thread to get feedback that might help you shape your writing before you publish a demo.

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There are different types of narratives. Some more narrative, some more face paced. People like different things. You won’t be able to please everyone.

An example of a more fast paced game would be: KotSaM by @daydreamsincolor