I've got an idea about paid storys

Isn’t there a game that does that? Choice of Creatures or something along those lines I think?

I don’t have the metrics, but for a niche game market, I wouldn’t expect ads to be as profitable as the current going price. And not enough people are going to pay to turn ads off to offset that dip in profits.

Choice of Dragon is old, and mostly free anyway. The ad model is just so the company makes some money per download, as opposed to zero, if I’m remembering that part of the discussion (in the linked thread or the preceding conversation) correctly.

I just kinda realy want to play these games and im not allowed to spend real money on games and apps.

And we’re really glad that folks want to play our games. However, our games, much like books, or movies, or even more “expensive” games like those produced at AAA companies, cost Choice of Games thousands of dollars, each, to create. We pay our authors advances against royalties, which means we’re out of pocket before a game is published. Unfortunately ads alone could never cover the cost of producing a game. We’ve been able to offer a few games as ad supported or pay to turn off ads, but those are either a) Hosted Games or b) Choice of Games titles written by people on staff, or others, under special circumstances.


@hetaliagirl just as a possible alternative see this post (I know it’s definitely for google play, not sure if there’s an apple version) https://forum.choiceofgames.com/t/google-opinion-rewards/30591?u=jacic

It’ll be a slow process to buy games this way (I think a made a few dollars from it this month, so you might only get a game every 1-3 months or so depending how expensive the games are you pick) but it’s better than nothing. (Just answer honestly, some people have said if they answer inconsistently, they get less surverys. Wouldn’t surprise me if google is tracking the answers you give to make sure you’re not just trying to get as many surverys as possible). Either that or maybe ask if you could get a gift card to spend on some games next birthday/christmas if that’s possible.

Have you played all the free ones? There’s a list of them somewhere on the forum if you do a search. There’s actually quite a few.

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I get stuck on certain things sometimes i think it has to do with my autism, i really want to play the cat game. So i dont think ive played all the compleatly free ones.

Mhnnn… maybe an odd question, but not allowed to buy phoneapps in general or ‘just’ off a credit card?
I see a lot of parents etc say no due to the money being charged off a credit card or the phonebill with no control until it is too late.

Here you go. Work your way through these. They should all be free with ads. For reasons discussed already, the paid titles aren’t going to end up free so might as well enjoy these instead :slight_smile:


Im not allowed to use real money.

Which sounds a bit not thought-through of your parents if I may say that.
You could otherwise arrange with them to be allowed one 15 bucks card for what platform you use every 3, 4 or 6 months.
Argue it would teach you how to keep an overview on your finances.
(These cards can be a blessing)

Do you think it could work? I really want to play some games but they cost real money, I get interested in things sometimes and lose interest after a month or two, I really think that has to do with my autism, (I think I forgot to reply the first time I posted.)

Your speaking to someone with Asperger’s here.
It did help me get control of my finances, especially when it comes to online purchases. When I can (googleplay, amazon) I rather buy a card and charge my digital money for what is needed than to let them take money off my bankaccount.
It really helps, mainly as you second guess ‘do I really need this’ whether it is at the purchase of the good or the card.


Do you mind if i show my mom these posts? It may help to explain I have trouble explaining things sometimes, my words just do not work right sometimes.

It’s alright. :slight_smile: Best of luck, because the games can be a blessing especially if you’re prone to disassociating occasionally.


Thanks, and what does disassociating mean? (I forgot to hit reply again.)

It (can) mean(s) that you feel a little ‘besides yourself’ as if you are watching your life proceed like a spectator.
Oh, also don’t worry about replying/plain answers. I got the thread set to tracking, so I’ll get a note when a new response is posted :slight_smile:

Is that like how i daydream often like i am in another world, like pokemon or miraculus ladybug or transformers?

It can be that, yes. There’s also another term for this specific thing, which slips my mind atm. Also, should we take this discussion to private notes?

i guess, do you have tumblr? Im more used to talking on there.

To be honest, watching an ad while playing a game like this would probably break the immersion quite a bit. It’s like when you’re at the most tense part of a book, and someone asks you what you’re reading, it’s pretty irritating. I think it’s much easier to pay once, and have a stroy you can fully immerse yourself in than to have to watch several ads that break immersion. I mean, the point of these types of games is to put yourself in the story and make choices, and I don’t think ads really help with that.