Does the author get money from the ads of a free game?

I am really intrested if the author gets money from the free games. (I am from Finland so I am not a native speaker so sorry for the grammar.)


They do. It’s pretty minimal, though. I think the most I ever made in a month was $18.38, and by comparison I made just over $1,000 in actual sales that same month.


Free games that show promotions in a smart way can regularly get more cash-flow than paid games, and they’re substantially more abundant.

Not necessarily. I’d argue that paid games generate more revenue than free ones. It’d take like 1:1000 on paid vs. free to be on the same level.

Unless you’re a giant like Google with YT where companies would pay to have their ads shown on there, it’s always profitable turning your games into paid model. The problem, however, becomes accessibility.

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If that is about CoG games, perhaps? I have no knowledge of that, but mobile “freemium” games earn way more than any PC or console games combined.

A good example would be Fire Emblem Heroes. In its first year earned more than all Fire Emblem games on any console/pc combined since the 90s. Of course, this goes to games that offer either time savers or gatcha style. Probably free games that live only on ads earn waaaaay less.


And that’s what it is. Freemium is built on a mix of ads and extras to purchase. If ads alone were enough to be economically viable, you wouldn’t have to pay $5.99 a month just to watch Hulu the way it used to be for free ten years ago.


Not for CS games because of the number of people playing, how often you can place ads, which ad services are available to COG. Ad revenue will usually be quite poor compared to paid content, it’s not the same as the big cash grabby freemium models which can exist with a lot of ad content (which usually is to suck in whales to pay for most of their revenue anyway.) There’s topics around on pros/cons of ad supported CS games vs paid if you do a search and want more info.