Which game is the easiest reading level for learners?

There’s quite a lot of games to click through and try. Which are kid safe and easy to read?

I would say Sixth Grade Detective. I haven’t played it, but I remember that it was written specifically to appeal to a younger audience. FYI, there’s also a “Kid Friendly” category that you can search games by on the omnibus app.


I’ve played Sixth Grade Detective and I will say that I enjoy it even as an adult. It’s very cute and well put together.

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There’s Sixth Grade Detective (haven’t read it, but it’s targeted for younger audiences)
and Mommy, We Created a Plot Hole!


My first thought was “Choice of the Pirate”, which I consider easy to read AND easy to “win” (as in, get a satisfying ending) - when I first tried IF I picked a game which was a very bad first choice in that I wasn’t able to get a decently good ending, and it left such a bad impression on me that I let 2 years go by before I gave IF another chance, and it was “Choice of the Pirate”. I think it’s the perfect game to learn how to play these games. Well, at least it clicked for me.

With that being said, I’m unable to tell you just how kid friendly that game is, since I’m one of these people who were watching very brutal and full of gore horror movies at 7 years old so yeah… I’m not the best person to judge.


The first game that comes to my mind is Sixth Grade Detective. The plot is pretty good while the writing is not too complex and definitely appropriate for young readers.

My game is kid safe, but it’s written in the first person, which might not be easy to read.

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This is the best yet! :slight_smile:
It may be written in first person but I find that interesting and potentially useful for vocab that is more quickly usable :slight_smile:

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It’s been a while since I read it so I might have forgotten any non kid friendly scenes but I do remember Choice of Broadsides to be fun and relatively easy without being explicit in any romantic encounters. It was one of the first I played.