Suggest Some good games for kids!

Hi, I need to know which games are good for kids, mostly for learning purpose. Suggest some good ones, TIA.

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Hmm… this is surprisingly difficult question to answer, honestly.

There’s Dryad’s Riddle, puzzle game with an extremely forgiving mechanics (you can ask for the true answer, for the cost of “good” ending). Some puzzles might be a bit tough, though.

And then there’s The Great Tournament, although there’s a bit of romance and heavy topics involved, it’s generally SFW. Might not suit your description of “learning purpose,” as it’s more towards classic CYOA.

Other than those, I don’t think there’re any other titles that are 13-, IMO.

P.S. My rating of 13- is non-explicit romance, minimum/non-critical heavy topics (things dramatic and require brain), minimum/no sensitive topics (slavery, rape, discrimination, etc.)

Sixth Grade Detective? :thinking: I guess there’s not much “learning”, but I’d say it was certainly suitable for children.

Actually requires me to think a bit. A good deal of COG/HG games have not-exactly-child-safe content, and the ones that don’t have heavy content tend to address heavy themes. Outside of the ones mentioned, the most lighthearted game I can think of is Superlatives, which still involves racism and a fairly deep look at the criminal element.

As for “learning purposes” what are you trying to teach? A correlation between choices and personal growth?

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Way Walkers series? Your kid might like this if he/she also likes Harry Potter. You attend a magical school in there.


What’s the age range and what exactly are you looking for? (Topic/content wise, reading level (ie is it for them to read or for you to read with them,) max length etc.)

Out of potentially child friendly games (not necessarily educational though):
6th grade detective. (Haven’t read it but I’m imagining it’s got a younger audience in mind.)
Way walkers (I think? I don’t remember any adult topics or language in there but it’s been a while since I read it.)
Choice of the dragon. (Dragons can eat people, pretty tame though. It’s free to read and short. Read it first and see what you think).
Wizardry Level C. (Mild level fantasy violence, I would consider it pretty tame.)
Possibly last monster master. (I don’t remember anything too adult in there and might be a good one. Read it years ago though. Anyone read it more recently?)
Possibly Runt of the litter. (How to train your dragon but with griffins vibe.)
Dryad’s Riddle (some of the puzzles may be frustrating for younger kids though.)

I’ve probably missed some, but they’re the ones that spring to mind as being ok for a sub-teenage audience. Many of the others have adult themes (sometimes very adult/explicit, ask if there’s a particular one you’re thinking about), romance focuses, bad language, complicated storylines or puzzles. I wouldn’t call any of them educational, but if you’re looking for a “reader” they’d work.

Just as an aside, delight games have a kid’s section.


A Midsummer Night’s Choice has no actual violence and some light comic violence; there is one route with a very fast fade-to-black romantic scene but otherwise has no sex. I’ve read it to my six-year old, and while there are hard words in it, she totally got it and was able to play it.

As far as learning, it also has a commentary add-on designed to teach the player about Renaissance drama and Shakespeare’s comedy.


Try Dryad’s Riddle in Hosted Games. I haven’t played it all the way through but it looks pretty harmless.

Choice of the Cat was really cute and would be kid safe, I think. There are themes like the owners marriage being rocky that are grown up topics but it’s not NSFW or anything. I think Choice of the Dragon, Broadsides, and Runt of the Litter would be safe for kids.

Let me know if my memory is faulty and they aren’t actually PG. They aren’t exactly educational but hey. Most of these games are for entertainment :slight_smile: I think @Gower’s game is the only one that is really educational (if you bought the commentary).

Other then those already mentioned here Psy High comes to my mind. Not educational but probably fun enough for a kid.

uh, no, Choice of the Cat is not for children. You must have missed the death-by-chainsaw scene and the sex scene.


Likewise, I probably wouldn’t recommend Waywalkers for a younger child. :thinking: It’s got some pretty dark moments, including a couple of potential death scenes. For a child of 12/13 or up, it would probably be fine though.


We really need another Sixth Grade Detective type of book, don’t we?

I’ve been reading Phoebe and her Unicorn with my daughter (sort of like a modern day Calvin and Hobbes that slants towards girls) and I’m thinking that sort of story, where the precocious and yet not annoying kiddo adventures around with their imaginary(?) friend would be awesome.


Idea: a children’s story where the “imaginary friend” is the human, and the “real world” is one of pure fantasy.

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Wow, that is… correct.

I was remembering it as a cute story about a kitty trying to help out their people and cadge a few snacks along the way. Maybe a little bit stressful because of my cat buddy being owned by a bad guy.

I would say it’s time to replay but I’m not sure I want to read anything regarding chainsaws.

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The Harry Potter books also deal with more than a few dead children, even before the later books when Rowling shifts from writing for children to writing for teenagers and young adults. I think the big turning point there is that it’s incredibly likely for the main character to wind up permanently physically and/or mentally disabled by the end of the first book.

When you thought a cute title filled with cute scene and no dark scenes will come up anytime soon, and then someone said “death by chainsaw.”


That’s me: ruining expectations since 1979.


I mean, sure it takes a bit to get that scene in Cat, but golly molly…

Mhnn… There really aren’t many CoG/HG games (suitable) for children.
(great, now I want to write something akin to ‘dragon with the chocolate heart’ (look it up, it’s adorbs))

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Mortal Combat :+1: (I’m kidding… or AM I?)