Is there any interactive fiction targeted at young readers

I’ve been reading a lot of CoG and hosted games stories over the last few years and I’ve really enjoyed them. Before that I read a lot of game books in my schools days (many years ago).

It’s a hobby I would like to share with my daughter but I’m struggling to find anything suitable for her to start with.

She’s 9 and is still into talking ponies or anything disney.

Can anyone recommend anything age appropriate from CoG / hosted games? Or failing that any other interactive fiction.


I’ve played Dino Knights and Runt of the Litter, and from what I remember, both would be pretty suitable for kids. Although you should probably still read through them first yourself just to be sure

I haven’t played Sixth Grade Detective but I’ve heard it’s good for a younger audience too


I agree with this.


As someone who has read Sixth Grade Detective, I definitely would recommend that. Light-hearted and fun, good storytelling, and quite appropriate for kids :slight_smile:


9 might be a little too young for Six Grade Detective, since there’s some light romance and kissing, but otherwise it’s very wholesome and I recommend for young reader.

Probably a dumb question, but why not Choice of Dragon ? I know, not necessarily a full story, but it’s simple and somewhat age appropriate (?)


You could try my game, The Parenting Simulator. It might not appeal to a kid, but on the plus side it has no violence, language or sexual content. Does have a little bullying and some drama in later chapters like a pet potentially getting lost or dying or your kid getting in a car crash, though (the kid is injured but cannot die).


I’d recommend Swamp Castle, but that has, like, I don’t know maybe for an older kid???
For her age I’d say Imagination by EndMaster over on CYS might be good maybe? It’s very kid appropriate and has a good lesson too. I was surprised??? Like if I had a kid I would totally read that with xir.
I remember there being some really good female character types which is refreshing and really important for children to see you know?

Choice of dragon is pretty simplistic. Should be fine.
Otherwise, delight games has a kids section that might be worth checking out :slight_smile:


I remember “Switcheroo” by the Marino Family (literally; their kids help write the stories). You can see it and another story at