Im searching for easier english games

hello as the title says im not the best english speaking person in the world and i know most of the players that play the games. as you can see im searching for games which have easier understandable english.

I also played few games to help you recommemnd me better :smiley:

choice of the dragon quite easy to understand finished
life of a wizard quite easy to understand finished
founders saga hard finished ep 1 but i lack the story
metahuman inc hard not finished
swamp castle quite easy to understand finished loved the difficulty slider
neighboor necromancer so so not finished

considering my level can you recommend me games please thank you.
you can also recommend Hosted Games games.

Hmm off the top of my head… On the easier side, I think Psy High, Zombie Exodus and the Heroes Rise games are a good bet.

Some games that are probably too hard and that you might want to avoid until you get better at English are Choice of Vampire, A Study in Steampunk and the Samurai of Hyuga games.


thanks i give it a try :smiley:
i loved the swamp castle and the wizard story by the way

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The Volunteer Firefighter is a nice story and it’s very easy to understand.

Life of a Mobster is made by the same guy who made Life of a Wizard. The only thing that’s different is there is some basic mobster talk. Not too difficult.

Sixth Grade Detective is a decent game and easy reader.

Keep your eye on Tin Star; the game is amazing, but it’s very difficult.


Marine Raider and choice of (title) games are also good too. Their writing styles might suit you.

Not a native English speaker too by the way.

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Thank you i think i will try choice of robots, life of a mobster and zombie exodus whicever i find more interesting or easy.
By the way more stats , better the game :slight_smile: that way games feels like a more rpg’ish.
If you guys are interested in some diffirent bu similiar tastes i can recommed soe games too.
Delight games
Logging quest 2
Choices stories you make
and Out There Chronicles

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