I want to know how many non-native English Speakers love these games!

Im a Native-born Chinese! By chance I find these GREAT games!!! Oh…I love these!
Pure word games are really rare, these games let me experience the joy of reading interactive novels when i was a child!!
My first cog is Robot, then i read a lot.Can’t say which one i like best. I prefer history and magic themes. Oh yes, the Kungfu! It’s good!
Well…as a chinese, and the words games lover, i cant find many friends to talk about these.And misfortuntly, In china i cant find games like these.
So, i want to know how many non-native English Speakers love these games!

(my english writing is not so good,sorry!:slight_smile: :wink:)


Wild guessing I think around half of the readers and forum member are not native English speakers. When you put something on internet it will eventually become worldwide spread.


I’m Swedish, and I know that looking at sales and talking to people, I have so many readers from all over the world. It truly is an international community.


That’s the charm :smiley: :wink:

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I’m russian and sometimes it’s a real pain to understand what author meant or what’s going on in the plot. Won’t stopping me from reading lmao


Yeah, and there are often a lot of slang


OHHHHHH, i am Japanese!I love these games! But sometimes it’s a little hard to read English.All of these seem to be English games. I wonder if they have any idea of developing works in other languages


Yeah! These games are sooooo interesting that I have to ignore some little language barrier

well, when I try to introduce these games to my friends. I say they are"pure words",They lost half of their passion.Then i say"uh…it’s English".They lost the rest of their passion. :rofl:


I’m Japanese too! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I’m not good at English, but I like romance games, so I’m playing choiceofgames.
My favorite games are Wayhaven Chronicles, The Shadow Society, Triaina: Academy, Fernweh Saga. :heartpulse:


I’m Brazillian and yeah, I understand the ordeal that is trying to find other people who also like these games. Sometimes I feel like one of the few lucky who happened to discover this hidden gem.


I am Mexican and I discovered this platform two years ago with Werewolves: Haven Rising and Hero or villain: Genesis. Interact and discover new things as well as nice people.


I’m french. I Love these games!


And it is not the only obstacle regarding the language but sometimes the inconvenience that the translators do not recognize the alternative pronouns for our respective languages.

Hi, English is also not my native language. Here is my fav game HOG and COH also Choice of robot, way heaven chronicle, zombie exodus, zombie exodus: save haven, psy high, The Mysteries of Baroque. The very first game I fell in love with is zombie exodus save haven. :blush: glad I’m not the non-english speaker here. Nice to meet you!

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They released Choice of Dragon in Spanish some years ago, but it didn’t sell very well. So I think that has reduced their enthusiasm for releasing games in other languages.


Its good to find another brazilian.


I’m Russian and I enjoy CoG pretty much. Glad I found the publisher.


I’m Dutch and I learnt most of my English by reading stories. Heck, I’m still learning to this day. These games are a treasure cove and I discover something new with every game.

Every author writes English their way and non-native speakers have a different grasp on the language than those who have English as their mother tongue. I think they write with parts of their native language mixed in and that can make for some interesting and refreshing combinations.


I’m Pakistani and I love CoGs and HGs!

I found about them by searching games similar to Delight Games and ended up finding “The Great Tournament”.

IF isn’t well known in Pakistan, because IF doesn’t exist in Urdu, but if it did then I think it would be pretty popular in Pakistan. (if written with Roman letters then entire South Asia)