I want to know how many non-native English Speakers love these games!

A big thanks to all our non-native readers, who are pretty awesome to be able to read stuff this complex in a language other than their own. Myself and the vast majority of Americans stand in awe of your abilities.


I am a native born Nepali, although I’ve lived in America for most of my life so the language thing has never really been a problem for me, Although it definitely has been for some people who I’ve tried to introduce these games to


Indonesian here, though I read most of the games here fine, there are some instances where grammar, jokes, and slang, become an obstacle for me.

I’m still learning English, albeit autodidact. And CoG/HG at least helps me keep motivated to learn them.

I’m planning to write an IF, but grammar always becomes my number one source of fear to even start writing, lmao.


Jokes especially, a lot of games have sarcasm and puns that non-English speakers aren’t going to get and it can lead to some awkward moments


I’m Russian and my English skills grows only thanks to COG-games I think :sweat_smile: I remember about two years ago I used Google-translater to read The Mysteries of Baroque and now I just… read and understand everything without any trouble. Lucky to have a bunch of russian friends who also love COG-games^^


I’m Filipina and most of the slangs, idioms or expressions are probably outdated. Like I thought “k” in text is a lazy version of “ok”. See outdated but I do love cryptic words/meanings or poetic words which I rarely see in modern games or in COG games.


I’m from SEA :wave: I really like this kind of games, because I kind of feel special when I get results specifically for my own choices of actions (LOL) So far, I’ve never find anyone here who plays them 🥲 I’ve tried to invite my friends to play too, but they say the “Y/N” things are not really their cup of tea :sweat_smile: :joy:

I think I started to enjoy IF when I play CYOA/WWYFF/WWFFY quizzes on Quotev :rofl: and then I found the CoG forum where I found a lot of WIPs that have become my favourites to this day, such as Mind Blind, A Mage Reborn, OFNA, The Sword Of Rhivenia, The Odessa Dating Games and so much more! I’m really grateful to have found these kind of games.


I’m from Indonesia. And it’s because i like reading so :joy: here i am


I love interactive stories, but I hate reading them in English. I will never get used to this language.

ey, same! :sparkles: :sparkles:
Been a fan since choice of robots, tho only just recently join the forum.

haha not me accidently insulted the npc, and lead to uncomfortable and awkward scene even tho I try to be nice to them :joy:

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I’m Thai and I learned English by watching anime with English subtitles on YouTube when I was 14 :joy: before that, my English knowledge was just slightly above elementary level. I knew the ABCs and some easy vocabulary words like book and apple lol. Had to pause the video almost every 5 seconds to put the words I don’t know into Google translate. After some time it got easier and suddenly one day, I didn’t have to pause anymore. And as a bonus, I got a lot of As in English at school as well :sunglasses:

I absolutely love choice-based games so I’m very happy that CoG and HG exist. I don’t have the financial power to get a console and popular choice based video games like Detroit and such. Whoever thought of this concept of choice-based games with only texts is a genius! It’s much cheaper but the stories are just as amazing!!
Not gonna lie, I really struggle when the writing style consists of very long descriptions or when they use a lot of difficult words that I’ve never seen or heard before. I also think that the in-game jokes that went over my head must have surpassed 100 by now lol. I just accept that there are things that I won’t be able to understand as a learnt-from-subtitles reader. I do feel a bit sad though when I know that I miss out on a clever pun, but it can’t be helped.
I think the first game that I played and got me hooked was Fatehaven. I must have played like 30 games before I discovered that CoG forum exists :see_no_evil:
Right now, my all-time favourites are Fallen Hero (I would die for Sidestep, thank you) and Breach (who is Gabriel? How is Gabriel?? What is Gabriel???). Those two got me thinking about the story over and over in my head for weeks non-stop. I have to say that there are a lot of WIPs on the forum that are absolutely amazing and would definitely become my favourites as well once they’re officially fully released.


LOL!I love Fallen Hero and Breach too!!! But I think the ending of these two parts is a bit hasty,especially the Breach, WHO IS GABRIEL!!! I didn’t even see his face in the end!!! There is a cartoon called《Jackie Chan Adventures》,there is a character called El Toro Fuerte, He never takes off his mask!So…Every time Gabriel comes out, I think of the El Toro Fuerte… :rofl:


What the hell :sob: :sob: I didn’t expect to be so many Indonesians here :’^) I never found anyone who reads CoG around me so this is very unexpected for me.

I discovered CoG when I was like 11 or 12, and been in love with it since. It’s also one of the things that helps me to learn how to write in English or just English in general. Really thankful that I discovered CoG and the community, really, all the stories and WIPs always motivates me to keep writing.


Well well well…looks like we have a sizable Indonesian population here since I’m from Jakarta sooo I’m Indonesian too, hi guys oh and also my first game that I played from hosted game is After the storm and it’s such a great game and then decided to visit this wonderful community and fall in love ever since :wink::grin:

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I’m Vietnamese, the first COG I played is Choice of dragon, then Great tournament, then HoV Genesis,… and one day while I was playing around on reddit, I discovered this forum and now here I am, nearly lurking because of how much things are going on

Hi, iam from Germany.

Choice of Robots was a big Motivation to learn more English :slight_smile: i love so many Storys here!

From Heart of the House to the newest Vampire Masquarade storys x3

The Comunity is so unuiqe and interessting^_^

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Swede here. My native language might be Swedish, but I consider English my first language, because ever since I was a kid(around 6-7 yo) and started learning it, it always felt more natural to me. And when I started spending a lot of my time in forums, online games etc. that ofc accelerated the process. My thoughts for example are 99% in English at this point in my life. I don’t think that was a conscious decision, it just kind of happened. Kinda funny cause I never considered myself bilingual, but I guess technically I am.

Brazilian here! Those games are so important for me, cause even If i can read well, i aways feel little confident in the “writing in english” part!


For me, English is a foreign language, and CoG is one of fun and easy ways to expand my vocabulary. Fanfiction and later books really helped me with learning English when I was a kid, and interactive fiction remains something that helps me with maintaining a good language proficiency without it being a chore. I think that the biggest problem for non-natives might be how much it varies depending on from which part of English-speaking world is the author. There are serious differences in vocabulary, slang, even some grammatical structures. (Unfortunately, using the non-British variants of words seriously annoyed my teachers. Their general opinion was that we should either use British or American English, God forbid we mix them or, le gasp!, put some OTHER variant too.) Different sense of humour, at least for me, isn’t really a problem. Some cultural things, however, from time to time might be.


LOL :rofl: that’s the same age i know cog.:smiley:

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