[New Game] The Sequence

A while back, @Ela asked if anyone could write simple interactive stories for her ESL students (English as a Second Language). She wanted us to pick 8-10 words from an advanced vocabulary list, and use them 7+ times in a short story.

The Sequence is my contribution. In terms of interactivity, it’s not great, and the end is completely linear. It’s not even written in ChoiceScript. But I hope it succeeds as a good science fiction tale for advanced learners of English. I’m especially interested in hearing from forum members who aren’t native English speakers - anything that isn’t clear can be changed. If there’s enough interest, I could also add the alternate endings that got cut because of time.


(Bonus points to anyone who can guess the nine words I used.)

English is not my native tonque (although I currently study in english), and I did understand everything well. However I did notice that the style of english used was more advanced, but it didnt make it much harder.

Overall its a good story and I would guess that its perfect to study more advanced english. I did notice some of the words that was used more often but dont know for sure, so Im not even going to guess :smiley:

Great job!

I’m not sure whether I count. Although English is an official language here and I’ve studed it since young, it isn’t exactly a native tounge here.

For what it’s worth, I felt the sentences are mostly simple enough.

Let me guess, switches and sensors and power?

@imf151, @ScarletGeisha, thanks for the feedback. And, sorry, Geisha, those words weren’t on the list.

“Sequence” is, though.

Can I guess “intelligent”?

Sorry, @Bagel. I’m glad it’s not obvious, though, I was afraid the sentences sounded stilted and unnatural.

I wasn’t able to finish the game because I didn’t see the next option but it just might be my phone… I’ll check it out on my comp later. But the game is pretty awesome. Honestly I thought the vocab words would be obvious but they weren’t. Sooo I’m just going to guess these words"hexadecimal" “intersection” “soliders” possibly “silo?” “broadcast” “frequency” “emergency”

I tried it on my iPhone, and it cuts off with “…and he types in”

Same with you? I don’t know why, there’s nothing odd in the code there, so I don’t think I can fix it. It works in “real” Safari.

None of those guesses are correct… Highlight below this line to see the list:

Yeah that’s the part it cuts off on.

and awww maaaaaaaan I was sooo sure atleast ONE would be correct. Haha oh well. Annd niiice you did a very good job of keeping those vocab words hidden!

Nice, the only things I didn’t like were the titles. Especially if made for people learning a language, they should be more than HHHSSSSS!!! WHAM WHAM !!! :open_mouth: