A Sensei’s Story (released)

Hello, everyone.
My game just came out recently and I was recommended to make a post about it for anyone who wants to discuss it or ask any questions.

Achievement list with spoilers

Congratulations! You passed the G.O.A.T.: Successfully completed the TEGR online application.
10 points

No I wasn’t!: Had sexual thoughts about a woman feeding some rabbits. 25 points

Thou shalt have a fishy: Hooked yourself a fish. 25 points

Seize the clay: Made some pottery. 25 points

Tout ce que tu fais, je peux le faire mieux: Made a bigger splash than someone from France. 25 points

It probably belongs in a museum!: Stopped an ancient Mongol tomb from falling into the wrong hands, even though technically all you really did do was watch. 25 points

And so your story ends: Finished the game. 100 points

If my calculations are correct…: Rescued from the jaws of death by an eccentric time traveller. 25 points

Whale ahoy!: Captain Ahab would be out for your blood…if he wasn’t a fictitious character that was drowned by an enormous albino cetacean spoiler. 6 points

Genki ja arimasen: Made the happiest person in Japan feel depressed. 25 points

We were on a break!: Took a break from your romantic interest. 25 points

You’re a wizard, insert name!: I have roughly 99 problems and yet an STD is not one of them.
25 points

Found in translation: Helped Chiharu to pass her Eiken exam and fulfil her dream of becoming a professional translator. 25 points

Um, what’s your name again?: Finish the game in bed with someone you barely know. 25 points

Yua the one!: Finished the game with Yua as your girlfriend. 25 points

Ooh la la!: Finished the game with Anne-Lise as your girlfriend. 50 points

Amore mio!: Finished the game with Marco as your boyfriend. 50 points

Ai love you!: Finished the game with Ai as your girlfriend. 50 points

If Yudai, I die: Finished the game with Yudai as your boyfriend. 50 points

Shhh!: Be quieter than a corpse in an anechoic chamber. 25 points

The (old) man with no name: Survive multiple murder attempts by a miffed senior citizen. 25 points

Thanks again.


Unhappy with your life? Then see if the grass is truly greener on the other side…of the world! Will you work hard and be the best English teacher you can be? Or, will you mess about and become the bane of the Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages world?

A Sensei’s Story is a 240,000 word interactive novel by Dom Fella, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

Find out if you have what it takes to teach English in a foreign land, as you live, laugh, and love each day in Japan!

  • Play as male or female; straight, gay, bisexual, or asexual
  • Experience what it’s like to live and work in the Japanese city of Fukuoka
  • Make friends, enemies, or lovers out of your fellow co-workers
  • Become your eccentric boss’s new pet or drive him up the wall with your antics
  • Visit a scenic island where you can go fishing, swimming, and tomb raiding
  • Teach with kindness and intelligence or sarcasm and stupidity

(Just adding the link :slight_smile: )


Oooooh a story about living in japan as a foreigner? Sounds fun!


@Jacic Thanks, very helpful. Sorry, I’m still very new (and very bad) at this :expressionless:

@Storyblazer careful…sounds can be deceiving :worried:


I just bought the game and boy does it have me laughing already!

I got a good chuckle from

the “don’t worry if you don’t have a degree, we can arrange a marriage with a NEET, lmao! And the TEGR disclaimer on not being liable for mental breakdowns due to poltergeist-possessed apartments :rofl:


the whole game’s a barrel of laughs man, you’re great at comedy. loved it!


@NoBody Thank you very much! Hopefully you find the rest of the game just as enjoyable.

@snas Thanks a lot! You’re far too kind. But it makes me very happy to hear that you liked it.


How come I haven’t heard about this!?
Sits on a couch then starts to downlaod it


I’ve bought the game and had a great time. In fact I’m going to replay it right now. It’s really funny, I really enjoyed the sense of humour. Congrats for the game!! :rofl:


It’s hilarious, definitely my cup of tea, wished it was longer ><!


Oh wow, I must admit, without reading the comments here, I would have totally missed this Game. The Premise and the title were not that catching for me. But Boy eben the First few pages are glorious. I definitely like the Humor, I love being able to be an adult. :joy:


Bought just to see what it’s like and had a great time playing through it all. I saw myself inside those 80’s comedy animes that I like so much. I imagined my character like the protagonist of Golden Boy.


@HectorPX quite a few HGs have a habit of seemingly springing out of nowhere. Plus I’m not very active on this forum :sleeping:

@Freja thank you so much for the support! I’m really happy that you enjoyed it.

@Hamps glad to hear it! Sorry it didn’t last for longer.

@Kaelyn welcome to adulthood! :laughing:

@Nexus thanks very much for supporting it! Wow, haven’t seen Golden Boy in years. Great anime. I wish they made more of them.


You’re welcome, is an easy game to enjoy, I wish it was longer.
I did not know if the game had already come out so, opening a post has been a good idea.
Do you plan to make more games?
And most importantly, is there any way that Mr. Philip MacCavity stop to throwing up like the exorcist’s girl? :rofl:


I would like to make another game on choicescript in the future, probably historical or fantasy.
But the next project I’m working on is a visual novel that I hope to publish on Steam. It’s still in the early stages though.

As for Philip, I’m sorry to say that not even the infinity gauntlet could stop him from puking all over the place! :nauseated_face:


I saw this game on the HG omnibus and bought it because it sounded fun. I liked it a lot, and wished that it was longer! I also really liked most of the characters in the game–Chiharu is such a sweetheart and even though it’s probably necessary for all the achievements, I don’t really have the heart to set her up for failure.


Thank you very much for supporting it! Sorry that it didn’t last for longer.

Don’t worry, there isn’t a achievement for having her fail…just a gnawing sense of guilt in your gut :disappointed:
I just added a summary of the achievements at the top of this page, includes spoilers.


Purchased this game

Named my character Donald Trump

From America

Made age 73 year old

Instant die because over 60 year old mean you die or retire

Wtf author :rofl::rofl: Rofl


‘We here at TEGR International reserve the right to refuse employment opportunities to any and all persons of advanced age regardless of ethnicity, religion or orange skin pigmentation.’


I just finished a playthrough with the “We were on a break”, “Genki ja arimasen”, “(Elderly) man with no name”, “You’re a wizard!” and “Who are you again?” achievements. Getting the first two (especially the second one) were a surprising kick in the teeth :cry: The fifth is kinda sad when I think about it.

Although the third one made me crack up.

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