A Sensei’s Story (released)

So did the three 7/1 releases get announced through the automailer or anything? I know there’s no threads for them here.


No, not that I saw. I don’t think most HGs are getting mailers any more.


Interesting. Was this an official mention or just speculation?

Sorry speculation and I know I shouldn’t engage in that, but I haven’t received mailers for a lot of HGs of late, but have still gotten all the COG ones. So either my email’s being a pain and screening specific mailers out on me or they’re not being done for all HGs anymore.

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Oh! My! Untill today I didn’t played the route with that psycho stalker trying to kill MC I’ve enjoyed a lot :joy::joy: I really didn’t expect to see an MC in this game trying to survive an attempt of murder :rofl::upside_down_face: