Very short simple interactive fictions needed!


I’m working on a project which focuses on the effect of interactive fictions on the second language learning. All I need is some very short simple interesting fiction games based on particular word lists[I have a 1000 word vocabulary list. About 8-10 words or more (of the author’s choice) should be used in each game, and these words should be repeated throughout the game (let’s say each word, 7-8 times)] Can anyone do this for me or at least suggest a person who can?
All responses to this forum as well as emails to are highly appreciated.


Can put up your 1000 word vocabulary list?


I think I can spare some time to do this.


I can help too. I guess the idea is for students to learn new vocab through its use. I like it.


Please post the word list (or link to it). Also, how long/short of a story do you want – just long enough to fit the words in seven times?

Are you a TESOL major? I’m a TESOL minor, and currently a TEFL teacher. This sounds like a cool project.

I think if you present this is as a creative writing exercise to people to have fun with here, and for a good cause, people might be interested.


This sounds cool! I’ve been looking for a way of motivating myself to actually do something with Choice Script other than going into other people’s threads and yelling at them for not telepathically making their game exactly how I want it to be. This looks like a good opportunity for me to get that motivation.


Thanks guys! You are all awesome! I didn’t receive any notification on my email so I thought no one was interested. (Special thanks to Horace for reminding me)
Yeah I’m an M.A student of TESOL!
I want to add that the games should be very easy to solve and yes long enough to fit the words in 7-8 times. I don’t want to bother the students by long hard games. And the learners should be able to play these games online without any prerequisites (programs to install, java… ). I will upload the links to the games in a website. The language should be flawless in terms of grammar and spelling.

This is the link to the word list.

Thanks again and don’t hesitate to ask any questions. : )


Please inform me of your chosen words. :slight_smile:


Based on the word list, the language level will be upper-intermediate to advanced. I think there are fewer than 1000 words on your list, by the way.

I’m about a third of the way through writing a story with words chosen at random:


Thanks a million Horace. I had to have some changes in the list.
So kind of you O:)


I forgot to ask if you have a deadline for this.


About 30 days from now!


Ela, if I’m the only one who writes a story, will that be of any use to you? I’m close to half done, but, as with all of my projects, if I don’t finish in the first week, then it gets really hard.

Will only one story be of any use to your project? Is anyone else writing?


Yeah there are about 4 - 5 people writing stories for me, and 2 - 3 others are pending. OF COURSE!! I desperately need your story… I’m counting on you guys.