Non english games?

Hi there. I’ve decided to join the forum today but i’m already working on my project after one-two intense week of studying the codes.
I guess you can tell i’m a foreign, in fact i’m from Italy, I hope you’ll fogive my grammar mistakes :wink:
I was wondering about the lenguage used in the story itself, i usually write pretty good stuff (at least i hope lol) in italian but traslating everything in english is a big problem, since is not my native lenguage.
Do you think i would have players even if i write in italian ? I mean… italian players. Not a big problem oc, but i’ll need feedback once in demo state i guess, so yeah seems right to ask.
If not what are the alternatives ?
P.S. I love this community, how you support each other work !


A great question for which I have no answer. I know we have a few other speakers of other languages too. I believe CoG and Hosted only do English, so you’d probably have to self publish, but I’m not certain.


The problem we have romanic language speakers(I am Spanish) is the damn problem with genres in abjetives, pro nouns articles. Except you aim for a gender locked game.

I only recommend use Italian if yoy use gender locked if not the problem would be big with code


Like Mara said, I’m also not 100% sure how easy it would be to write something in Spanish or French. Given that I’m half-spanish I’d be toying with the idea of eventually translate Tokyo Wizard into Spanish, though I was also wondering how practical this would be from the point of view of coding (given that the game allows MC to be of either gender, and even other possibilities, and a number of romantic options…). Anyway I also haven’t given it serious thought so things could be easier or more complicated that I expect… the more serious issue is that my Spanish is so rusty I’m not sure I could actually really do it (last week a friend of mine complained over the phone that he feels I struggle to actually hold a conversation these days in spanish…)

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@adrao Hey If you need help with it you know were I am . I could edit it


Much appreciated! I’ll first see how it does in English, and if there is promise I’ll translate, but I was indeed wondering who I could find to proof read, so it’s a great offer

@Lucid is correct, if you want to publish your game through Choice of Games, it has to be in English:

At this time, we can only publish Hosted Games in English, but we do accept submissions from non-native English speakers written in English.

So if you want your game to be in Italian, you’ll have to self publish.

I’m sure you can find people here that will be glad to proofread if you want to try and translate it to English though.

And yeah, as a French speaker I agree with the others, if you’re writing a choicescript game in a romance language, I think giving the player a choice of gender would be a nightmare coding-wise… Everything is gendered in these languages, not only pronouns but adjectives, articles, determiners etc. Gender-flipping NPCs will have this problem as well. Plus there’s the added headache of deciding whether to use the formal or informal “you” if you’re writing in the second person… So yeah, good luck to anyone attempting that!


I’m from the US, but I know a little Italian (and a slightly larger amount of Spanish), so if the premise is something that would interest me, I could be inclined to check it out. I could also help with English grammar and word choice.

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Thank you everybody !
First off, let’s adress the elephant in the room: the gender of the story is fixed (i’m about mid first scene but the idea in my head is pretty clear to where i would like to go with it).
The story revolves around a robbery and the player is a male theif that is going to organise and do the job, having to “hire” the staff to do that and than, as the story goes on, elements of mistery will be revealed, plus you’ll need to keep an eye on your family (wife -and maybe a kid-) and your cover not to get cought before the action.
Sorta like the movie Inside Man by Spike Lee, in case you’ve seen that.
I tend to prefer narrative twists over let’s call it “gender costumizations” (sorry for the awful term, as said before my english is not the best one around). As a programmer i’m doing the best i can to keep me out of unecessary complications (for the programming part, at least), instead of male/female i will let the player chose the age (one example) creating choice later only unlockable based on that choice (selectable_if), giving me the freedom of creating different branches without the inconvenience of multiple text “choice based variables” in the text itself where i can avoid it. Hope you’ll understend what i mean by that. What do you think about that ?
Second off, yeah the policy of the hosting could be a bit of a problem. I don’t want to get my project on Steam and such, i was planning on upload it to Dashingdon, is that possibile ?
I can see why they did that, but to me a story written in italian won’t be as good if then translated, expecially because where in italian i love to use pretty fancy terms i would not know their corrispective in your lenguage, watering down the entire experience. That’s the aspect i’m worried about the most ! Hope to find a solution, maybe someone from the hosting site will reply this conversation…


Yeah, thank you, would love that. Let me know if you’re still interested based on the previous post.

I can try :slight_smile: I don’t want to guarantee anything, because I don’t know if my Italian would be good enough, but I could always look at it as an incentive to study more.

How much of a set main character are you looking at, and how much is subject to choice?

I can see how gender customization could be a pain, but I do think you could implement some with variables. Like, say

  #Un uomo.
    *set o "o"
    *goto esempio
  #Una femmina.
    *set o "a"
    *goto esempio

*label esemplio

"Sei molt${o} generos${o}, mi${o} amic${o}," dice il tuo amico.  

Just a thought :slight_smile:

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