Any german games available?


Are there any german games available out there?


In the entire world? I’d say so. Can’t find any, though.
On CoG, I dunno.


Bis jetzt nicht, aber vielleich kannst du entweder ein Deutsches Spiel schreiben oder fragen, ob du eines uebersetzen kann.


You can look here:


This might be of interest too:


Thanks for your hints. I already knew about the german IF in general but didn’t find any games created with Choice Script yet.

It would be great to have germans aside when creating a new game.


There was a thread about translation somewhere, it would be nice to see some multi-language games, although it is easier said than done :frowning:


Here is the thread. And it’s actually not that difficult. In the script itself, you just have to add x extra choices in begin. And the rest of the script has to just be copied. Only the text has to be translated. And I’m still willing to do that xD .