Español? Si o no

I was just curious to see if anyone was thinking of making/translating a game in Spanish. If not how many of you would want to see it happen. Even though Spanish isn’t my first language I would be willing to make or translate a game in Spanish unless someone else is more willing.

Also does anyone know if the website is willing to have their games translated in Spanish.

I’m just looking for feedback or support on this. Thanks everyone for reading this long-winded concern.

I thought about doing a game in Spanish when I first started learning ChoiceScript, but I didn’t think it would be received well. I think it’s a great idea to have some games translated, though. I’m glad someone else besides me was considering this possibility.

I would offer to help, but I have trouble translating between English and, well, anything. That and translation projects take a great deal more time than I have. =(

The size of the market would be small, I think. Significantly smaller than the same game in English. I doubt that anyone would mind having their game in another language, but the amount that it would spread by would be minor.

As a fan project it would be cool, but as an actual project, I’m doubtful of its utility. The fact that it is such a small scope may render it more energy out then in for CoG.

Well, I am sure someone would appriciate it. I wouldnt, seeing how I only speak english. But as long as games are in both languages I can see it working. Seems like more trouble than its worth though.

It is indeed a lot of work, and I would’t expect CoG to invest the time and effort for a small market. I don’t see why an individual or group of individuals couldn’t do so of their own account if they wanted to, though. The Wii game “Fragile Dreams: Ruins of the Moon” actually had an official sanction for a Spanish fan translation to be carried out by a group of volunteers.

Maybe I’m just excited for something to be translated into Spanish since nothing ever really is. With English being an increasingly common second language, things are usually only translated into that. >_>

Sorry for a late response but had some things that happened.

Considering I haven’t learned to code and at this time have no time to I won’t go out of the way to make a game in Spanish, however I still may translate a game but I have no clue on coding (as I have already said). So what game would you all like to see translated into Spanish and I’ll see what I can do from there.

Help would also greatly be appreciated with this project. Spanish is not a weak point for me but I don’t know everything.

I have no preference on which game; instead, I recommend that you choose one that you really enjoy, as you’d be looking at it for a long time.

And, of course, I’d also recommend that you ask for permission from the writer if you plan on coding it into a stand-alone game.

I’ll help with both coding and translating if you like. I am was born and raised in Mexico so the language comes naturally but since I have been in the US for so long I can sometimes forget the translation of words or how to write them. E-mail me at if you need any help.

@QondasDyablo I’ll take advantage of that later, Thanks for the offer

I could always use more help of course,and I can’t devote any time to a translating project until around Christmas time as I am a high school teacher (no I don’t teach Spanish). Expect the monumental work to be in the summer time. I will find a game to translate by the end of the month and will announce it here then.

Please help, I am trying to write a ChoiceScript game in Spanish but some of the characters, such as ´ and ñ cause an error to occur. How can I use these characters without the error message appearing?

Thanks, It is much appreciated because I am considering publishing the book I am writing in English also, but the original version is in Spanish.

At present, the only way I can think of is to use large chunks of text written in a program that supports ñ, etc. And convert them to .jpgs. Then write your story but use the .jpg files to show the text as necessary. The downside (aside from the hassle) is that the final book file size would be much larger…

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Thank you, but how do I attach the jpg files to the scenes?

Use the command *image image_name.jpg. It would be unlikely to work for individual letters but for chunks of text would work fine.

Save your text files in UTF-8 encoding.
You will see this when you click on File --> Save As

You do not need to use images at all for latin characters such as ñ (or any other characters that appear in UTF-8).


Thank you. I will definitely try.

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It worked perfectly. You sir are very smart.