Another languages


Ok, so, I’ve played 20min and the game (SLAMMED!) seems like it’s great, and I’d like to know if you guys want someone to translate it, since the game is big and a lot of people don’t have english as first language. In my case I’d like to translate to portuguese. If you guys want contact me to help (I’ve a lot of free time to burn, anyway) I’d be glad to. Not only this game by the way, any game that you guys want, I can do it by free, because I wouldn’t be helpful if you guys pay something to me. I just want the text files, I can translate and send back. Thanks.


Hi Pedro! im a portuguese speaker just like you. I think that choicescript games embodies a potentially undiscovered lode. But, since SLAMMED got an copyright jurisprudence i sincerely encourage you to write a choicegame in portuguese by yourself.