Can I get help from Choice Games when I finish my ChoiceScript book to translate the buttons, settings etc. into Spanish?

I am already writing the content in Spanish, an in the txt files. But I would need help translating everything else.
Some people have told me that Choice Games might offer help, but I´m not sure. I would like to hear someone who has published a ChoiceScript book in another language, or someone who is sure they know if it is or not possible.

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Well I think you would need to pay for a professional translator.

I don’t think that would be the case, seeing as how the original poster said that they are writing the content in Spanish themselves.

The OP is referring to the text that ordinarily cannot be changed by an author such as “Play Again” in English, and other instances where the words are in English, but should be in the same language as the content of the piece.

@Pollywantsacracker, you may be able to ask @RETowers about this. She’s the production assistant for Choice of Games.

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Thank you @Carlos.R for your help. I contacted @RETowers, and hopefully we can find a solution.


So, the thing is we’re currently not publishing games in languages other than English. If you intend to purchase a commercial license for CS to independently publish your game, we have a private structure for changing the stings out for another language and can help at that point. If you’re just looking to change the strings for the standard non-commercial CS license, I’d have to actually dig through the code to find that again.

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Thank you. I’ll consider the pros and cons and decide between the first two options, because I definitely want to publish my game. Or maybe… I saw that Choice of the Dragon was published in both English and Spanish. Is it possible for Choice of Games to publish my game if I write it in both English and Spanish? I know that you’re currently not publishing in other languages, but maybe you can make an exception in this case.