Publishing a Hosted Game in Spanish

It will be possible in the not distant future to host games in Spanish?

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I’m not sure if this speaks to your question, but some games are already available in Spanish, like Choice of the Dragon.

And here are some other threads where Spanish is discussed. As someone who speaks Spanish who is also writing a WiP, it seems entirely possible, mechanically, to produce a new complete work in Spanish with Choice Script, but I’ll let someone else speak to the certainty. @Aaron_Gabriel_Blanco

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I’ve updated your title to make the point of this thread clearer.

That said, currently games in any language but English aren’t being accepted as HG. (As I understand, the Spanish-language version of Choice of the Dragon was an experiment of sorts to see if publishing these games in Spanish would be economically viable — it didn’t do great, so the idea was pretty much abandoned).

So, at this point in time, if you have written such a game, your options would be to either put it out there for free (hosting it on the dashingdon site, for example) or to purchase a commercial license from COG and host it yourself, bearing in mind you’d have to go through the whole process of submitting the thing to the app stores, marketing, etc.


Would it be possible to submit a game primarily written in English as HG, with a translated version included as an option? Is that a valid work-around or does the game absolutely needs to be written only in English?

My guess is that if you write it in English first, you could translate it (if it’s an adequate translation and not something done with google translate) in any language you so desire

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As long as I know this is also not an option.

Probably but i think you would also write it english for the readers to be able to chose which language they want. Tried that myself a few years ago but wasn’t able to finish cause it was to much of work. I wanted readers to be able to read in french or english.

I think there’s one forum member who translated into spanish the entirety of choice of romance: affairs of the court

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