"Choice of the Dragon" Is Now in Spanish

Choice of the Dragon was our very first game, and we’re proud to announce that it’s now available in Spanish!

It’s completely free to play the entire game from beginning to end.

On iOS and Android, if your phone uses Spanish as its native language, the game will automatically be in Spanish when you open it. On the web, you can click the “Español”/”English” link to switch back and forth. On iOS, you can click the “Settings”/”Ajustes” button on the Menu screen to change languages. On Android, use the Menu button and select “Change Language”/”Cambiar idioma”.

Launching a game in Spanish is a big bet for us. Translating a game can cost as much as writing the game in the first place! If the Spanish translation sells well, we’ll be able to deliver translations of more of our games in even more languages. Please share Choice of the Dragon with Spanish-speaking friends and relatives!


If it sells well? It’s a free game…

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You could pay for turn off adds . So totally if sell well


You’re kidding, this is amazing! :smile:

I can finally show Light just why I like CoGs so much!

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This shall also be an excellent way to have fun while practicing my Spanish :smile: because being able to talk about dragones is obviously one of the most practical of vocabulary skills :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


choice of dragon in spanish!?


In honor of the Spanish release of Choice of the Dragon…
Here’s Gabriel Iglesias! :smiley:
(Ignore the title – it’s an older show.)

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Oh, cool, That’s a nice step for CoG to take.

Now, wink wink if y’ever get interested in translating something to Portuguese.


I would be totally down for that. We do have some portuguese speaking users in this forum :smirk:

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To be honest Danny boy my mother lenguage is spanish but i far prefer english, but of course latinos love text games

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